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Recognized by The White House Council on Environmental Quality, U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency, #CleanEnergyU is an online dialogue of global leaders in sustainability, focused on the topic of clean energy innovation for our future. Using #CleanEnergyU on Twitter, students and leaders of higher education, nonprofit organizations, business and government come together in a live tweet-a-thon style dialogue to connect and share their visions, ideas and actions for a more sustainable future. These virtual dialogues are coupled with interactive classroom and campus quad activities, such as post-it selfie boards or energy network maps, to amplify student voices and spur further clean energy innovation.

Each dialogue has made a global impact, reaching over 40+ million impressions on social media since its inception October 2014, becoming top trending four times and engaging 50+ world-renowned leaders in sustainability. Follow us on Twitter at @CleanEnergyU #CleanEnergyU.



October 28, 2016 – #CleanEnergyU Dialogue 2016



Featuring clean energy and community leaders and student moderators as we wrap up Campus Sustainability Month and head towards COP22.

Join us online for our #CleanEnergyU Tweetathon dialogue on October 28th, at 1pm EST.



April 22, 2016 – #CleanEnergyU Earth Day Dialogue 2016

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Featuring students and national clean energy leaders to engage in discussion on the post-Paris goals, on how to deliver a future ‘below 2-degrees’!

Join us online for the #CleanEnergyU Earth Day 2016 dialogue on April 22nd, from 12-4ET/9-1PT.

Earth Day 2016 Discussion Questions:
Panel 1, 12-1ET/9-10PT:
What must Americans achieve by 2050 to deliver on the Paris Accord’s promise of a future “well below 2 degrees” – as individuals, companies, campuses, cities?

– Rohan Patel, Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs
– Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group
– Joel Makower, Chairman of Greenbiz
– Gifford Pinchot III, Author Intrapreneurship, Founder Pinchot University
– Paul Lussier, Yale Science Communications With Impact Network
– Jacqueline Yap, Emory University grad, upcoming George Washington University Law student
– Cody Kamrowski, UWSP student
– Lindsey Chew, Boston University student, #CleanEnergyU Founder
– Claire FitzGerald, University of Washington student

Panel 2, 1-2ET/10-11PT:
What kinds of cross-sector collaboration between students, campuses and companies will best accelerate our progress towards these mission critical climate goals?

– Snehal Desai, CEO, Dow Water/Energy Business
– Ralf Pfitzner, Siemens
– Jim Lowe, Chair, Sustainability Committee, Ball State University
– Georges Dyer, Co-Founder, Intentional Endowment Network
– Ruben Aronin, VP, Better World Group
– Cody Kamrowski, UWSP student
– Natalia Martínez-Torres, Pontifical Catholic University, Puerto Rico student
– Maggie Li, UC Berkeley student
– Lindsey Chew, Boston University student, #CleanEnergyU Founder
– Ryan Peters, Boston University student, sustainability@BU
– Isaac Bearg, Boston University student, Energy Club

Panel 3, 2-3ET/11-12PT:
How do we best scale up our 100% renewable investments to deliver on Paris goals?

– Rob Threlkeld, Renewables Manager, General Motors
– Anastasia Schemkes, Student Coalition Representative, Sierra Club
– Eban Goodstein, Power Dialog/Bard College
– Amit Ronen, George Washington University Solar Institute
– Chris O’Brien, Director of Higher Education, Altenex
– Maggie Li, UC Berkeley student
– Lindsey Chew, Boston University student, #CleanEnergyU Founder

Panel 4, 3-4ET/12-1PT:
The View Beyond Paris: Making Change Happen Together

– Dan Utech, Deputy Assistant to the President on Energy and Climate Change
– Paul Lussier, Yale Science Communications With Impact Network
– Carson Robers, Boston University, President Environmental Leadership Coalition
– Lindsey Chew, Boston University student, #CleanEnergyU Founder


S T U D E N T  M O D E R A T O R S
Natalia Martinez Torres – Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Seize the Grid
Maggie Li – UC Berkeley, Seize the Grid
Jacqueline Yap – Emory University, George Washington University Law
Cody Kamrowski – University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point
Carson Robers – Boston University, President Environmental Leadership Coalition
Ryan Peters – Boston University, sustainability@BU
Lindsey Chew – Boston University, #CleanEnergyU Co-Designer, sustainability@BU intern
Dylan Lewellyn – Boston University, STARS Coordinator
Cristian Morales – Boston University
Claire Fitzgerald – University of Washington
Isaac Bearg – Boston University, Energy Club
Rachel Eckles – Boston University, Students for a Just and Stable Future, Institute for Sustainable Energy
& more to come

C L E A N  E N E R G Y  L E A D E R S
Dan Utech, Deputy Assistant to POTUS on Energy and Climate Change
Rohan Patel, Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs
Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group
Joel Makower, Chairman of GreenBiz
Gifford Pinchot III, Author Intrapreneurship, founder Pinchot University
Rob Threlkeld
, Renewables Manager, General Motors
Anastasia Schemkes, Sierra Student Coalition Rep
Eban Goodstein, PowerDialog Host, Bard College
Amit Ronen, GWU Solar Institute
Chris O’Brien, Director of Higher Education, Altenex
Jim Lowe, Sustainability Committee, Ball State University
Georges Dyer, Principal, Intentional Endowments Network
Bert Hunter, Chief Investment Officer, Connecticut Green Bank
Ruben Aronin, VP Outreach & Communications, The Better World Group
Snehal Desai, CEO, Dow Water/Energy Business
Ralf Pftizner, Siemens
Paul Lussier, Yale Science Communications With Impact Network

See the #CleanEnergyU Earth Day outline for more information. Also, check out our simple tips for dialoging on #CleanEnergyU. Stay tuned for updates.


November 2015

WhiteHouse3  Live from The White House: American Campuses Act on Climate Roundtable | November 19
#CleanEnergyU partnered with The White House Council on Environmental Quality to design and orchestrate a virtual dialogue parallel with the American Campuses Act on Climate Roundtable event, in which university presidents, White House and US Department of State officials, and other college students along with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy brainstormed ways that college campuses could address climate change and the upcoming 21st Conference of the Parties.

October 2015

#CleanEnergyU National Campus Sustainability Month Series | October 12-21
October 2015 was Campus Sustainability Month. The National Campus Sustainability Month Tweetathon series was a celebration of National Campus Sustainability Month, featuring student moderators and clean energy leaders from Boston University, Google, Microsoft, USGBC, The Climate Group, Sierra Student Coalition, Pinchot University, National Wildlife Federation, Andrew Winston, Greenbiz, General Motors, Bard College, FlexCar, Post Landfill Action Network, Value of Water Coalition, George Washington Solar Institute, Better World Group, city of Phoenix, city of Atlanta, city of Portland and more.

Throughout October, campuses were also encouraged to choose from a host of engaging activities to raise awareness on clean energy in their respective communities, and share photos and insights on #CleanEnergyU.
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greenbizGreenbiz: Student Writing Competition
Congratulations to Matt Goldklang (Yale ’16), Cody Kamrowski (University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point) and Lindsey Chew (BU ’16), authors of three winning articles for the Greenbiz Writing Competition, in response to the #CleanEnergyU fall 2015 dialogue and their student leadership experience. These student articles will be published by mid-November. Stay tuned for details!

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.22.43 AMThe renewable power of a hashtag – #CleanEnergyU at AASHE Conference 2015 
#CleanEnergyU leaders and sustainability@BU students Lindsey Chew and Ryan Peters hosted a workshop for 40+ undergraduate students at the national AASHE Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

September 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 7.36.26 PMLive #CleanEnergyU Kickoff Event at Climate Week NYC (watch the webinar)
#CleanEnergyU hosted its first live, in-person panel and workshop event at Climate Week NYC. The dialogue featured student leaders on stage with clean energy leaders, including executives from The Climate Group, General Motors, NYC Mayor’s Office, Second Nature, Bard College, Ceres and the Sierra Student Coalition.
Two formative questions for discussion asked how communities can best collaborate to deliver a clean energy future, and how these leaders might effectively lead such change through radical collaboration.
– Recap of #CleanEnergyU at #CWNYC

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.22.43 AMAASHE Webinar – #CleanEnergyU and Campus Sustainability Month
AASHE webinar presentation on #CleanEnergyU and how to get involved fall 2015.




‘What kind of changemaker are you?” by The Society of Women Engineers at Valencia College hosts a #CleanEnergyU workshop

Classroom Workshops
Workshops are on-the-ground activities led by campus faculty/sustainability staff, learning tools that can be used to provoke and share student insights on clean energy in campus and community. Students can share their thoughts and findings with a broad audience on Twitter using #CleanEnergyU.

#CleanEnergyU On Campus Post-it Boards

Post-it wall activities are designed to encourage students’ visions for community-based clean energy leadership, how local barriers can best be overcome, ask what qualities of leadership they each best bring to this effort, identify the action steps students most want to take and connect them to existing programs that can support their efforts. Post it boards can be shared with a broad audience on Twitter using #CleanEnergyU.

Thank you for joining our Thunderclap mass tweet September 26th, ahead of our live kickoff event at Climate Week NYC!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.02.23 AM#CleanEnergyU Resources – Campus Sustainability Month

Fall Facilitation Guide
Campus Sustainability Month Brochure 
Overview – #CleanEnergyU Activities (powerpoint)

All resources updated 8/25

History of #CleanEnergyU

Clean Energy Leaders


David Tulauskas, Sustainability Director, General Motors
Andrew Winston, speaker & author of Green to Gold & The Big Pivot
George Bandy, Interface
Michael Terrell, Google
Steven Gutmann, Founder, Stuffstr app; National Sales Manager, Flexcar
TJ DiCaprio, Designer, Microsoft’s Internal Carbon Price Program
Snehal Desai, Global Business Director, Dow Water
Stephen Roberts, Corporate Responsibility Marketing, Dell
Jim Hanna, Director of Environmental Affairs, Starbucks
Ralf Pfitzner, VP Energy and Resource Efficiency, Siemens
Chris O’Brien, Green Gigawatt Partnership, Altenex
Rob Threlkeld, Manager of Renewable Energy, GM
Chris Librie, Senior Director at HPE

Nonprofit Organizations

Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group
Anastasia Schemkes, Student Representative, Sierra Student Coalition
Joel Makower, Founder, Greenbiz
Alex Freid, Founder, Post Landfill Action Network
Courtney Cochran, National Wildlife Federation
Radhika Fox, Director, Value of Water Coalition
Lindsay Bass, Manager, World Wildlife Fund
Georges Dyer, Principal, Intentional Endowments Network
Tony Cortese, Principal, Intentional Endowments Network
Caitlin Cowan, Communications Coordinator, The GREEN Program
Bob Perciasepe, President, C2ES
Deb McNamara, Director of Organizational and Higher Education Partnerships, Northwest Earth Institute
Jesse McElwain, USGBC Students & Center for Green Schools
Rachel Gutter, USGBC Students & Center for Green Schools
Jeff Allen, Drive Oregon
Steve Jenkins, Green Sports Alliance
Allen Hershkowitz, Green Sports Alliance
Ruben Aronin, VP Communications, Better World Group

Higher Education

Dave Barbier, Sustainability Director, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
Gifford Pinchot
, Founder, Pinchot University
Paul Lussier, Yale University
Art Frazier, Director of Facilities, Spelman College
Eban Goodstein, Director, Bard Center for Environmental Policy
John MacArthur, Portland State University
Ian Stude, Portland State University
Georges Dyer, Intentional Endowments Network


Ernest Moniz, U.S. Secretary of Energy
Rohan Patel, Special Assistant to the President on Intergovernmental Affairs
Dan Utech,
Deputy Assistant to the President on Climate Change and Energy
Amit Ronen
, Director, George Washington Solar Institute
Charlie Hales, Mayor of Portland
Patrick Love, NYC Mayor’s Office
Stephanie Benfield, Sustainability Office city of Atlanta
Michael Armstrong, City of Portland

Student Moderators

Lindsey Chew, Boston University
Andrew Cho,
Boston University Student Body President
Chen Cao
, Boston University
Ryan Peters, Boston University
Lucy Mui, Boston University
Christopher Delucia, Boston University
Duncan Gilchrist, American University
Matt Goldklang, Yale University
Paige Callahan, Boston University
Cody Kamrowski, UWSP
Laci Kettavong, University of North Texas
Rosemary Reed, CSU San Marcos
Kyle Ortman, Boston University
Jacqueline Yap, Emory University
Rachel Eckles, Boston University
Carson Robers, Boston University
Cristian Morales, Boston University
Isaac Bearg, Boston University
Jenessa Gilarski, University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point
#SeizeTheGrid teams
Also including students from University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, Spelman College, RIT, Valencia College, Brown University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ball State University, Portland State University, Grand Valley State University & more.

Previous Events

White House Roundtable Dialogue: Campuses Act on Climate | November 18, 2015
Theme: What are your questions for Gina McCarthy, ahead of COP21? Why does a strong Paris agreement matter to you?
Reach: Top trending on Twitter, 4 million impressions

Fall National Campus Sustainability Month Series | October 2015
Theme: multiple, including Paris COP21, #SeizeTheGrid, HappoDammo Ratio, mentorship, radical collaboration, entrepreneurship, energy investments, cross-sector leadership & more
Reach: Top Trending on Twitter

#CleanEnergyU Live Kickoff Event at Climate Week NYC | September 26, 2015
Theme: How can communities best lead towards a clean energy future? How might you lead such change?
Reach: 12 million impressions

Sustainable Brands Conference | June 2, 2015
Theme: What are millennial expectations for business?

Earth Day 2015 | April 10-22, 2015
Theme: What’s your vision of a clean energy future? What actions are you taking?
Reach: Top trending on Twitter, 7 million impressions

National Campus Sustainability Day 2014 | November 18-26, 2014
Theme: Clean energy matters because…
Reach: Over 3 million impressions

Chevrolet Clean Energy Campus Campaign | October 22, 2014
Theme: What can BU do by 2030 to reduce our climate impact?
Reach: Over 1 million impressions

Awards & Recognition

Invitation to The White House to drive a top-trending #CleanEnergyU Conversation

BU Signs the American Campuses Act on Climate Pledge

EPA Climate Leadership Award for Innovative Partnerships
Awarded to the Chevrolet Campus Clean Energy Campaign by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Center for Corporate Climate Leadership

Environmental Leader: Top Project of the Year Award
Awarded in the third annual Environmental Leader Product and Projects Awards for efforts to help U.S. colleges further reduce their carbon footprint

Media Coverage

Campuses Act On Climate Roundtable

Greenbiz #CleanEnergyU Article Competition Winners

Fall 2015 Series

#CleanEnergyU at Climate Week NYC

Sustainable Brands Conference

Earth Day 2015

Chevrolet Clean Energy Campaign 2014