We Bagged the Box


Who knew a paper bag could make all the difference?

In February 2011 sustainability@BU began a collaboration with the BU Sourcing & Procurement team and Office Depot to implement the ‘We Bagged the Box’ pilot program, swapping out corrugated cardboard boxes for paper bags for orders under 30 pounds. This switch is expected to save the university approximately 4 tons of wood, 22,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, 25,000 gallons of wastewater and 2,000 pounds of solid waste every year.

Office Depot is the primary office supplier for BU, carrying out deliveries campus-wide. So far the “We Bagged the Box” pilot program has been implemented in four departments. It has been met with such success that the university plans to expand in the coming months.

It’s small steps like these that will help shrink BU’s carbon footprint.