Trash Buddy Program

trash buddy big

We have identified a strategy to boost our recycling rates further and engage the community through a team effort with occupants, custodians, vendors, and BU Sustainability–it is the Trash Buddy. Here are the results of ourĀ Trash Buddy Pilot Program from a couple of locations on campus:

Building Recycling Rate Before Recycling Rate After Potential Recycling Rate (Post Audit)
SED (2 Silber) 48.9% 73.1% 91.2%
FM&P (120 Ashford) 45.8% 73.3% 83.6%

Campus Planning & Operations and BU Sustainability plan to continue to roll out this program in offices across campus. BU is making good progress on recycling, but we can all do better and after the pilots we know we can get there. Additional benefits of the program include:

  • Convenient desk side sorting
  • More knee space under the desk with one bin
  • A streamlined process across campus so resources are in place for everyone
  • Weekly recycling pick up by custodians
  • Engagement of the BU community in sustainability efforts

Roll out in your building will happen soon; BU Sustainability and custodial staff will work together to install Trash Buddies in all offices, recycling the old trash bins. Once installed, custodians will continue to empty the trash each night and in addition, they will also empty the desk side recycling bin once a week on Wednesdays. Occupants should properly sort their deskside trash and recyclables, emptying their recycling bins as needed throughout the week.