MBTA Pass Program

Each semester, approximately 5,100 students participate in the MBTA Semester Pass Program.  Efforts to promote participation in this program and to simplify its use are ongoing. Both Student Semester Passes and Faculty & Staff Passes can be purchased online either by credit card or student accounts. Resident students can also have their MBTA passes delivered to their on-campus mailroom.

Pass types and rate information:

Full-time faculty and staff members may apply for, purchase, and manage their MBTA monthly passes on-line through the University’s Employee Link. Full-time faculty and staff may purchase MBTA passes via payroll deduction and up to $110 of their purchase can be sheltered from taxes. These tax savings apply only to MBTA passes purchased by the full-time employees for their own personal use. As an added convenience, MBTA monthly passes purchased through the University may be delivered to the employee’s payroll address. Monthly Charlie Tickets distributed in this manner are included within the employee’s school or department’s payroll packet at the end of each month.