Green Initiatives

Boston University follows the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and categorizes direct and indirect CO2 emissions (initiatives) into three broad scopes.

Scope 1 – Inventory direct emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by Boston University

  • Fleet Management –Gasoline consumption of BU Vehicles
  • Power Plant(s) –Oil & electric consumption; CO2 emissions

Scope 2 – Inventory direct emissions from electricity that is purchased and consumed by Boston University

  • Electrical Consumption– Develop plans, targets, financials & feasibility for electrical consumption from renewable resources

Scope 3 – Covers all other indirect emissions (other than purchased electricity) that occur from sources that are not owned or controlled by Boston University

  • Business Travel – Air miles taken; air travel carbon offsets (costs)
  • Shuttle Bus Services – Diesel fuel consumption
  • Fleet Management – Purchased truck and car emissions

Products & Supply Chain

  • Campus wide recycling /waste minimization program(s)
  • Green Purchasing / Energy Star purchasing program(s)
  • Supplier packaging and delivery reduction program(s)
    Supplier carbon footprint discovery and assessment program
    Administrative paper reduction program (payroll, bill payment, invoice automation, phone directories etc.)

Other Initiatives

  • Sustainability financing program; mitigation strategies and efforts
  • Evaluation /selection of a carbon offset solution/provider
  • New employee & student sustainability orientation program(s)

For more on Boston University Sourcing initiatives and supplier resources visit BU Sourcing & Procurement