Going Zero Waste


Catering on the Charles has provided Zero Waste events since 2009, sorting the waste behind the scenes of their staffed events.

How does Zero Waste Work?

When you place an online order for Charlie-to-Go or a Catering on the Charles drop-off, you have the option to receive recycling and compost pickup for $10 by merely checking a box at the end of the order. Check that box!

When you do, catering will set up a green bag enabling your attendees to compost waste and a clear bag for recycling. These items will subsequently be picked up and disposed of responsibly by Catering on the Charles at the end of your event. And it doesn’t end there.

Educating guests on how to sort their waste is essential in the success of this new program. By providing Zero Waste events, dining services hopes to educate event attendees on the importance of waste reduction and encourage behavior change through the utilization of recycling and composting. Thus, in addition to the actual composting and recycling receptacles pickup, your event will also be provided with a poster table that instructs attendees about sorting waste.

Where does all the compost end up? Six days a week, Save that Stuff hauls dining services compostables to Brick Ends Farm, a composting facility in South Hamilton, Mass., where the waste is added to piles as high as basketball hoop poles. The waste then decomposes until turning into nutrient rich soil. Afterwards, it is re-sold local farmers, backyard gardeners, and landscapers.

Zero Waste events are a win-win situation: They contribute to Boston University’s commitment to sustainability, ensure an environmentally responsible event for your group, provide an educational aspect that hopefully encourages future behavior change, and reduce landfill space and CO2 emissions for a greener planet.

If you have any questions, please call a catering manager or email Sabrina Pashtan, Sustainability Coordinator for BU Dining Services at harpers@bu.edu.