Home Energy Audits


Do it for yourself. Do it for the environment. Do it for FREE! We’re working to help home-owning* members of the Boston University community get to a free home energy efficiency assessment and a free solar energy evaluation.

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Mass Save Home Energy Assessments

The Mass Save® Home Energy Services Program is supported by NSTAR & National Grid.
A No-cost Home Energy Assessment may include:

  • State approved health & safety check to identify carbon monoxide levels within the home
  • Existing insulation examination to detect asthma risks from moisture and mold sources
  • No-cost compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), which may reduce your electricity usage by up to 10% immediately
  • No-cost Mercury-free, 7-day programmable thermostats
  • No-cost Low-flow Earth 1.6 shower heads and faucet aerators to reduce water usage
  • Indoor thermal imaging to identify air leaks (subject to outdoor temperature)
  • No-cost targeted air sealing to reduce exposure to pollen and allergens
  • 75% — up to $2,000 — off approved insulation installations
  • Access to the 0% interest HEAT Loan, which may be used for energy upgrades around the home (subject to approval from participating lenders)

Solar Electricity

With the recent innovations in solar power technology, homeowners are able to generate low-cost clean energy on their roofs for only a small upfront investment. 15% of New England homes have a roof that is right for solar, which means over 54,000 families can take steps to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. If all 54,000 families went solar it would be as if 387,444 gallons of gasoline were never consumed.

* Must be a National Grid, or NSTAR customer.