West Campus Wins 2015 Dorm Energy Challenge

Students share how they save energy.

West Campus residents shared the ways they reduced their energy use during the challenge at an ice cream social celebrating their win.

West Campus won the third annual dorm energy challenge for the second year in a row! Last fall the challenge was determined by percentage of energy saved, as compared to the same time in the previous year. West Campus won the competition with a 2% electricity reduction over the previous year.

This year’s challenge focused on engagement and participation, consisting of several interactive events focused on energy reduction. Student Government Deptartment of Environmental Affairs tracked participation at events and on social media through the use of dorm-specific hashtags to determine the winner.

Students unplug to save energy

Students gained points for their residences by posting on social media about their sustainable actions such as unplugging.

sustainability@BU hosted an ice cream social for all residents of West Campus at the Rich Hall cinema room on November 16. At the event, West Campus residents were encouraged to share their tactics for reducing electricity consumption by unplugging cables (which can lead to vampire energy loss), opening windows in lieu of using a fan, and of course, turning off lights.

Student Government Environmental Affairs Co-Director Paige Callahan congratulates residents on their victory and looks to the future. “ Congratulations to West Campus for winning the Dorm Energy Challenge for the second time! We want to thank everyone who was involved in the #BUEnergyChallenge and hope that everyone enjoyed the events and competition. We expect next year’s challenge to be bigger and better, but in the meantime remember to turn off the lights and unplug to do your part in helping reduce our footprint.”

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