We Bagged the Box


Who knew a paper bag could make all the difference?

The University Sourcing & Procurement team and Office Depot recently conducted a Customer Satisfaction survey to determine alternative ways to efficiently package office supply orders.  Office Depot is the primary office supplier for BU and carries out deliveries to the campus.  Office supply orders can range from small items such as pencils and ink cartridges to furniture.  The small items, though light in weight, take considerable amounts of packaging and energy to ship.

This is why sustainability@BU has collaborated with BU Sourcing & Procurement team and Office Depot to implement the ‘We Bagged the Box’ trial program. All office supply orders less than 30 lbs. will now be shipped in a paper bag rather than a corrugated cardboard box. By using minimal packaging, the university will save annually approximately 4 tons of wood, 22,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, 25,000 gallons of wastewater and 2,000 pounds of solid water.

Since February 2011, the trial program has been carried out in four departments. After taking a look and properly assessing the trial’s results, the university plans to expand this program campus-wide.

It’s small steps like these that will help shrink BU’s carbon footprint.

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