Sustainability Ambassadors at the BUMC


Building upon the Sustainability Liaisons program currently in place on both campuses, sustainability@BU is adding Sustainability Ambassadors to increase involvement on the Medical Campus.  Launched in March 2010, the Sustainability Liaisons program was established as a way to encourage sustainable actions through peer-to-peer awareness.  The program is made up of faculty and staff with 100% participation among schools and colleges on both campuses. Many administrative departments are getting in the act as well with members asking to participate.

Currently there are 30 liaisons that serve as the point of communication between their respective departments, colleges, or schools and sustainability@BU.  Liaisons meet quarterly with the Sustainability Director, Dennis Carlberg and are given information and materials to promote sustainable initiatives among their faculty, staff or students.  The ambassadors will serve the same primary function as the liaisons, which include educating colleagues, implementing projects to improve efficiency and disseminating information to their respective groups.

Ambassadors are being added because of high interest in sustainability and the complex organization of the Medical Campus.  According to Carlberg, “we created the Ambassadors program to engage a group of highly motivated people and reach Medical Campus more effectively.”   Since many schools on the Medical Campus occupy more than one building, having just one liaison does not necessarily meet the needs of every group.  This is where the ambassadors come in to play.  Ambassadors will work in conjunction with liaisons, creating a wider network to promote sustainable initiatives.

The addition of the Ambassadors program will be helpful in expanding the reach of sustainability@BU because “the fundamental goal is to integrate sustainability into what we do, and the way we do that is through people,” says Carlberg.  If you are interested in becoming a Sustainability Liaison or Ambassador contact us.

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