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Eliminate Fossil Fuel Subsidies & Fund Adaptation to Curb Climate Change (English/French)


Catherine McKenna, minister for the Environment and Climate Change asked us what we think needs to be done to curb climate change. For us, getting [...]

In Memory of Maurice Strong (1929-2015)


Winnipeg—November 28, 2015—Maurice F. Strong, a tireless advocate of sustainable development, passed away at age 86. Scott Vaughan, IISD President-CEO; David Runnalls, IISD President (1998-2010); and Arthur Hanson, IISD [...]

The Daily Climate

Why do so many Americans doubt climate change?


A Yale University survey showed one-fifth of Americans do not think climate change is real, even though there is a near-consensus among scientists that the [...]

Where cows and coal rule, so does CO2.


In Wyoming, a sparsely populated state where cattle outnumber people more than 2-to-1, electricity is cheap, coal is king, winters are cold and distances are [...]

Living on Earth

Living on Earth: November 27, 2015


Almost Out of Time / Paving the Path to Paris with Gold / What is the Carbon Footprint of a Typical Thanksgiving? / Beyond the [...]

Living on Earth: November 20, 2015


New Toxic Substances Control Act Likely / Prenatal Chemical Exposure Linked to Obesity / Health Risks of Water Fluoridation Raise Concerns / Let’s Talk Turkey [...]

Shale in the United States


Over the past decade, the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing has provided access to large volumes of oil and natural gas that were [...]

How much U.S. electricity is generated from renewable energy?


U.S. power plants used renewable energy sources, including water (hydroelectric), wind, biomass wood and waste, geothermal, and solar, to generate about 13% of the electricity [...]