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Climate change will stir 'unimaginable' refugee crisis, says military.


Unchecked global warming is greatest threat to 21st-century security where mass migration could be ‘new normal,’ say senior military.

Fearful of Trump, environmentalists call on his children to help save the planet.


The League of Conservation Voters points to an open letter the president-elect and his oldest children signed in 2009 urging President Obama to act on [...]

Living on Earth

Living on Earth: December 2, 2016


Canada Climate Masterplan / Beyond The Headlines / Making Plastic Can Increase Pollution / Note on Emerging Science: Engineering a High-Yield Soybean / Jellyfish Are [...]

Living on Earth: November 25, 2016


Blackfeet Tribe Regains Sacred Land / Leasing U.S. Lands for Sunshine / Beyond the Headlines / High Tech Rain / Plants Fight Climate Change / [...]

Shale in the United States


Over the past decade, the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing has provided access to large volumes of oil and natural gas that were [...]

How much U.S. electricity is generated from renewable energy?


U.S. power plants used renewable energy sources, including water, wind, biomass wood and waste, geothermal, and solar, to generate about 13% of the electricity produced [...]

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