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Making an impact on climate change and energy consumption requires behavioral change, and we believe that the best chance for success at Boston University is combining education with a little fun–which is why we’ve partnered with Carbonrally, an organization that incorporates a social bent to reducing carbon emissions.


The folks at Carbonrally took their knowledge of consumers, software, and environmental studies and created new approaches to the global crisis by building a portal where people can learn, commit, and track small actions over time.

Each month a campaign focusing on one “sustainable action” is highlighted around campus containing metrics that explain energy use and how to reduce it by taking specific small actions.

Join a Team - Select your School or College (Alumni included) and accept this month’s challenge to sign up.

School of Social Work Wins March 2013 Challenge



How It Works:

Take a challenge – Sustainability@BU will post a Featured Challenge every month and send it to your team via email. Most challenges are simple, short-term actions. You can add up to two more  for a total of three challenges at a time.

Check results – See how your team is doing by visiting the My Carbon Page and viewing the Total Impact Map for a real-time snapshot of Rally results in the different colleges on campus, or other parts of the country. There are also impact maps associated with each challenge, so on any map, you can click on a green bar to learn more about the people and actions in a certain city.

Compete –You don’t have to play hockey to have Rhett on your side. Team leaders are given tools to manage their rosters and send love notes to their best performers. The Leaderboard shows the top teams and individuals.

Scoring – There are two kinds of challenges: “instant” and “accruing.” When you accept an instant challenge (e.g., turning off your lights during the Super Bowl), your account is immediately credited with a one-time CO2 reduction. Accruing challenges, on the other hand, add value to your account over longer periods of time. For example, if you install an energy saving light bulb, the daily CO2 reductions are added to your account each day for the life of the product.

Repeating challenges – Many challenges have a repeatable icon. These can be done as many times as you’d like. If it is a daily action, come back and accept the challenge for every day you repeated the action. If it is a weekly action, come back and accept it again during any future week you take that action.

Honesty is essential to ensure the accuracy of our scores and results. For this reason, accepting a challenge must represent a real commitment to get it done. If you have trouble delivering on the commitment, don’t sweat it. You can un-commit to any challenge for up to 21 days at your My Carbon page. You can always come back and try it again later.

Create a challenge – Check out the Challenges Workshop and post an idea. Review the ideas of fellow rallyers and vote for your favorites. The most popular ones become Featured Challenges. Imagine the impact that your idea can have!

Socialize with other Rallyers – Carbonrally is a place to share thoughts, serious or otherwise, on climate change and related issues. There’s a message board for each Carbonrally team and challenge. Feel free to heckle another college team, or talk about your challenge experience – good or bad. You can also send personal emails to other Rallyers. The best place to find people is by drilling into the Total Impact Map or using our Site Search feature.

Rally your friends – Getting other folks to join and take challenges is another important way to contribute. To make it fun, we even maintain a place on the leaderboard to recognize our “top recruiters,” and provide a range of recruiting tools.

For more tips and FAQs on how to use Carbonrally features, please see the How it Works section.

Carry a reusable mug

Did you know?
By using your own coffee cup, you will reduce your CO2 emissions by a total of 1.25 lbs in one week.

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