Introducing the Institute for Sustainable Energy

Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) is a University-wide institute, administered by the Questrom School of Business, that assists and promotes faculty research, and enhances BU’s curricular offerings and communication products related to sustainable energy.

The Institute expands engagement and collaboration with outside stakeholders, including energy technology firms, public agencies, other universities and research organizations, and environment- and energy-focused NGOs.

The ISE, is dedicated to:

  • Promoting and assisting world-class research by BU faculty working on these challenges within and across all disciplines within the University
  • Educating BU students who will help meet sustainable energy challenges in their careers
  • Promoting solutions to these challenges through collaboration with stakeholders outside the University

The ISE is part of a new generation of “think and do tanks,” whose goal is to harness world-class research and education resources to contribute to important global economic, social, and technological challenges.

The Institute invites the BU community to its Research on Tap event, BU Research on a Sustainable Energy Future, which will consist of a symposium of five minute mini-talks by a diverse group of BU faculty members with interests in some aspect of sustainable energy.  The event will be held March 3rd from 4 to 6 pm in Questrom 426 (RSVP here).

Speakers/topics will include:

  • Cutler Cleveland (CAS/EE) – Energy Transitions
  • Lucy Hutrya (CAS/EE) – Human impact on carbon cycle
  • Ian Sue Wing (CAS/EE) – Climate policy
  • Kevin Gallagher (Pardee School) – Greening the Bi-Polarization of Global Economic Governance
  • Nathan Phillips (CAS/EE) – Methane emissions from energy infrastructure
  • Henrik Selin (Pardee School) – European climate policy
  • Jonathan Levy (SPH/EH) – Air pollution exposure assessment
  • Michael Caramanis (ENG/ME) – Electric software
  • Laurence Kotlikoff (CAS/EC) – Climate model
  • Michael Gevelber (ENG/ME) – Building airflow
  • Uday Pal (ENG/ME) – Devices and Processes for Energy and Environmental Sustainability
  • Tom Little (ENG/EE) – LED lights
  • Madhu Dutta-Koehler (MET) – TBD
  • Malay Mazumder (ENG/ECE, MSE) – Solar panel cleaning
  • Marshall Van Allstyne (Questrom) – Energy Platforms
  • Kavita Ravi Mass (CEC) – Mass clean energy center


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