Mugar Library

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Students work at the new Thin Client computers in Mugar Library

Students work at the new Thin Client computers in Mugar Library

After extensive lighting retrofits, the Mugar Library will now save the equivalent CO2 to power 200 homes each year. In addition, 189 energy saving Thin Client computers, which use 50 watts of electricity, have taken the place of older models, which used 250 watts.

The University took advantage of rebates on energy efficient equipment, which helped lower project costs. Below are more energy-saving features:


  • Old fixtures and bulbs have been replaced with the latest energy efficiency technology.
  • New volumetric fixtures, which distribute light outward rather than downward like traditional ceiling mounts and reduce shadow and glare, have been installed. These new fixtures are fitted with super-T8 or T5 fluorescent bulbs, which typically use 20-25% less energy that the previously used T8 fluorescents.

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  • Several large bins have been installed in the basement to accommodate printing refuse.

Occupancy Sensors

  • Occupancy sensors have been installed above the book stacks so as someone enters a row, lights overhead automatically pop on. When no movement is sensed for 20 minutes, overhead lights between book stacks are programmed to turn off.


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  • The new furniture is made of recycled and recyclable materials such as steel, plastic, and aluminum. Desk chairs and lounge furniture is Greenguard Certified as a low emitting product that meets current air quality standards. New carpet is 100 percent PVC free, and has the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label, which is certified for VOC emissions.
  • The furniture is from Tayco, a green company which diverts 85% to 90% of its waste to recycling programs, and uses wood from suppliers that participate in reforestation programs.

By the Numbers:

  • 5,000 bulbs retrofitted
  • 1,300 occupancy sensor controls
  • 800 daylighting dimming ballasts
  • 900 ceiling surface mount fixtures to volumetric fixtures
  • 2,000,000 kWh saved per year
  • 230 kW demand reduction
  • 8 months to complete
  • 1.5 year payback
  • CO2 savings equivalent to powering 200 homes for one year.

This project is a terrific example of how each light bulb adds to overall energy use. For this reason, it is important to do your part and make smart choices for your classroom, dorm and office.