730-750 Comm. Ave Garage

It may not be a meeting destination, but parking garages get a lot of use, and require energy for lighting. De-lamping, retrofitting, and adding motion sensors are saving a substantial amount of carbon.

This project primarily consisted of retrofitting existing HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps to a more energy efficient T8 fluorescent system with occupancy controls.

The existing lighting system in this area contained predominantly metal halide and a few high pressure sodium lamps. Existing lighting, which had previously stayed on 24/7, was replaced with super T8 fluorescent, cold temperature ballasts, and Vapor-Tight lens, which helped reduce moisture build up inside the fixture.

As with the Warren Tower project, occupancy sensors were installed in each zone. Fixtures with day lighting exposure (i.e. on the roof, top floor, and along the perimeter of the structure) have photocell controls to further reduce energy consumption.