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Whether your idea of a great weekend is hiking through the mountains, discussing innovative ways to reduce energy consumption, or sharing a home grown meal, you can take your passion for the environment to a new level and meet some like-minded folk by joining a club within the BU Environmental Coalition.  Formed through the Student Union in 2011, the Coalition is a central body of BU students and environmental groups where students can join and connect with other organizations and make the change they want to see on campus (and the world!).

The Coalition aims to connect and engage students through monthly newsletters featuring campus news and upcoming events, and through monthly potluck meetings organized with Dining Sustainability.   Our monthly potlucks are a great way to socialize with other students and serve a space for sharing project ideas and building networks to foster change.

We’re always eager to expand our network so that we can continue to build meaningful friendships and business partnerships. Please contact us with your ideas on how to improve the Coalition and with any BU student organizations that we may have inadvertently omitted.

To learn more about the Coalition, join the BU Environmental Coalition Facebook group or email environmental@buunion.org

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Earth Day 2009
Organic Gardening Club Earth Day 2009
BU Bikes on Marsh Plaza
BU Bikes on Marsh Plaza

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