Data Manager Joins Sustainability Team

Marcus Welker
@BU is thrilled to announce Marcus Welker has joined the team as our new data manager. His background in science and sustainability will be a great asset to sustainability@BU’s mission and goals.

Marcus grew up in the Rocky Mountains and Alaska, and spent his junior year of high school in Germany. A biologist by training, Marcus received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage. He then went on to masters programs at Dartmouth College and King’s College, University of London. Eventually, he shifted fields from biology to sustainability because he wanted to be more proactive in finding solutions to climate change. With two parents in the environmental science field, Marcus was interested in environmental issues from an early age. His love of fishing, hiking, and skiing also informed his desire to protect the natural world.

Previously, Marcus was the sustainability projects coordinator at the Center for Sustainability Education at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. There, he worked on projects such as the Handlebar Bicycle Co-Op, The Hive beekeeping cooperative, skill building workshops, and behavior change campaigns. Additionally, Marcus is a certified instructor with the League of American Bicyclists and would love to participate in cycling initiatives on campus.

In his new role, Marcus will lead the way on improving BU’s data inventory and reporting. This will be an integral component in improving BU’s efficiency and performance in campus-wide sustainability efforts. He will be responsible for the management of data related to waste, greenhouse gases and nitrogen, as well as BU’s STARS performance. In doing so, he will be working with staff members and interns to turn goals into action. Since the data manager position is a new one in sustainability@BU, Marcus looks forward to setting precedents as to how BU manages its sustainability performance data and communicates it to the larger community.

Sustainability Director, Dennis Carlberg, looks forward to the contributions the new data manager will make to the program. “Marcus will help us maximize the value of the Climate Action Plan. His contribution will be essential to BU’s efforts to improve its real-time reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. As BU purchases wind power, he will be part of the team developing methodology to report the emissions reductions from displacing coal-fired power generation. This methodology will be based on hourly data, rather than the annual emissions factors used in the industry today.” Carlberg added, “Marcus will focus on enhancing our STARS reporting. We will be able to ensure that this reporting gets done on a clear annual cycle and that our methodology continues to improve.”

Marcus has traveled widely and seen the effects of climate change firsthand in Alaska, Greenland, and Svalbard. His experiences in the Arctic have motivated him to communicate the anticipated effects of climate change in the United States and at BU.



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