What Can I Recycle?

Please refer to the posters below when sorting your recyclables. For any questions about recycling, email to sustainability@bu.edu. Click on the thumbnail to download the poster.

cans and bottles_crop



Ink, Toner & Batteries

PLA Plastic/Compostable Products


This PLA plastic cup will compost and degrade completely when disposed of in proper composting facilities

PLA Plastic and compostable products are not recyclable. These products bear a striking resemblance to plastic but they are not plastic at all. They are made from renewable resources such as corn, potatoes and sugar and are designed to compost with organic food wastes. BU Dining Services has replaced 98% of disposable, plastic containers with compostable ones. So don’t be afraid to throw that PLA “plastic” cup into the compost bin – it belongs there! You can bring your used PLA products to your nearest dining hall for composting.

Universal Waste & Miscellaneous Items

Boston University collects and recycles small electronics such as cellphones, mp3 players & chargers, water filters, fluorescent light bulbs, and mercury-containing devices such as thermostats and thermometers. These items can be recycled at the Recycling Café or at the office of your nearest area manager on the Charles River Campus, or on the Medical Campus. Please be careful when handling these items because some may contain hazardous materials. If you are unsure if your item is recyclable, email us at sustainability@bu.edu, or ask your Resident Assistant.

Cell Phones

Retired cell phones can be delivered to IS&T Communication Services at 111 Cummington Mall or FM&P Recycling at 120 Ashford Street, Room 218.