sustainability@BU Exchange

The sustainability@BU Exchange is a service that allows you to swap items with colleagues around the office and throughout the University. It’s a great, eco-friendly way to reuse supplies & furniture you don’t need any more and it’s completely free! Simply fill out the below form, upload a photo of your item, and submit! Only BU property may be posted on the sustainability@BU Exchange site. If personal items are posted, the items will be removed from the posting list. Money shall not change hands.

Transfer of item(s) must be arranged between sender and receiver. Interoffice mail may be used for small items free of charge. BU Trucking may be requisitioned for larger items. However, you’re encouraged to deliver or pick up your Exchange items in person. Get out on campus and make friends with your neighbors!

Once an item has been swapped, please send an email to so we can remove the listing.

sustainability@BU Exchange

If you have an item that can be reused, please let us know by filling out the form below!
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Available Items

SMG thumb2
Description: White Board (2'x3', oak frame with marker tray)
Condition: Fair
Location: 120 Ashford Street  
Functional: Yes