Electronic Recycling

If you cannot repair or refurbish your electronics, recycling is the next best option. Recycling electronics conserves natural resources, prevents hazardous waste from entering landfills and results in lower carbon emissions during manufacturing of new products.

  • To recycle small electronics bring them to 120 Ashford Street RM 218, any of the Residence Life Offices, (Cell phones go to the IT Help Center at 179 Amory Street.)
  • For large electronics, such as computers and printers on the Charles River Campus, contact your area manager to schedule a pick-up.  On the Medical Campus contact Environmental Health & Safety.
  • If your building is on the Charles River Campus and has more than 15 computers or large electronics to recycle, please provide a requisition and contact Trucking Manager, Bob O’Toole, to schedule a pick-up.
  • Before donating or recycling an electronic, please remove any personal information.
  • To recycle batteries, drop them off at FitRec any time of day, 120 Ashford Street RM 218, or at any of the Residence Life Offices.

Click Here for List of Area Managers