BUMC Recycling

Single-Stream Recycling

Boston University’s Medical Campus uses a single-stream recycling system. Instead of separating cans, bottles, paper, and cardboard, all recyclable items are mixed together in one bin creating a single recycling “stream”. The same recycling guidelines apply to single-stream recycling, so please don’t add food waste, soiled containers or trash.

BUMC Recycle Bin Pickup Request

Request a recycling bin or schedule a recycling bin pickup or call Control at 8-4144.

For any general questions or comments, contactbumcofm@bu.edu

Foam Recycling

BUMC is now accepting dense, white polystyrene foam (styrofoam) for recycling. Recyclable foam will have a #6 ♸ on it, is easily snapped and will not bend. If you can snap it, you can recycle it!

Labs and other departments that generate foam should do the following:
• Determine if the material is recyclable: white, snaps, #6 ♸ and…
• Verify that the foam is clean (When in doubt, keep it out.)
• Remove outer cardboard boxes
• Remove tape and labels
• Remove ice packs or dry ice
• Place in hallway in a neat stack for pickup by custodial staff.

Non-recyclable foam includes colored foam, ALL types of packing peanuts,soft/flexible foams, or foam that “bounces back”.

Questions should be directed to Lisa Tornatore, sustainability outreach coordinator.