College of Arts and Siences

CAS AH 585 Twentieth Century Architecture and Urbanism
CAS BI 486 Biological Design for Sustainable Devlopment
Sustainability-related courseCAS EC 323 Behavioral Economics
Sustainability-related courseCAS EC 337 Economic Analysis of Legal Issues
CAS HI 291 Politics of the American Environment
Sustainability-related courseCAS HI 302 Science and American Culture
Sustainability-related courseCAS HI 339 The United States Since 1968
Sustainability-related courseCAS HI 394 Environmental History of Africa
Sustainability-related courseCAS HI 448 Science and Modern Culture: Darwin, Freud, and Einstein
Sustainability-related courseCAS HI 468 American Society since 1970: Issues in Domestical Political, Cultural, and Social History
Sustainability-related courseGRS HI 770 African Historiography
Sustainability-related courseCAS IR 310 The Sea and International Relations
Sustainability-related courseCAS IR 395 Nothr-South Relations
Sustainability-related courseCAS IR 425/825 Seminar: Women and Social Change in the Developing World
Sustainability-related courseCAS PH 272 Science, Technology, and Values
Sustainability-related courseCAS PO 625 Political Movements in America
Sustainability-related courseCAS SO 242 Globalization and World Poverty
Sustainability-related courseCAS SO 420/820 Seminar: Women and Social Change in the Developing World
CAS WR 100 Writing Seminar
Sustainability-related courseGRS AN 708 Food, Culture, and Society
Sustainability-related courseGRS AN 760 The Nomadic Alternative
Sustainability-related courseGRS AR 705 Pre-Urban Development
Sustainability-related courseGRS AR 709 Research Methods in Geoarchaeology
Sustainability-related courseGRS GE 953 Cultural Geography
Sustainability-related courseGRS GE 955 Historical Geography
Sustainability-related courseGRS EC 971 Environmental Economics I
Sustainability-related courseGRS EC 972 Environmental Economics II

Sustainability-related courseGRS EC 974 Environmental Economics II
GRS GE 995 Problems in the Environment
GRS GE 996 Problems in the Environment
GRS HI 751 Environmental History of Africa
GRS HI 781 Readings in Food History
GRS HI 870 African Historiography

School of Communication

Sustainability-related courseCOM JO 702 Advanced Science Writing
Sustainability-related courseCOM JO 705 Science and Mass Media I
Sustainability-related courseCOM JO 723 Science Newswriting I
Sustainability-related courseCOM JO 732 Science and the Mass Media II
Sustainability-related courseCOM JO 754 Science Journalism Internship

College of Engineering

Sustainability-related courseENG EK 280 Technology, Society, and Policy

School of Law

Sustainability-related courseLAW JD 727 Law and the Lobby
LAW JD 833 Environmental Law

Sustainability-related courseLAW JD 855 Land Use

Questrom School of Business

Sustainability-related courseEM 775 Global Environment
Sustainability-related courseMK 867 Marketing Social Change
Sustainability-related coursePL 864 Managing Political, Economic, Social and Technology and Country Risk

Sustainability-related coursePL 868 Corporate Governance, Accountability and Ethics

School of Medicine

Sustainability-related courseGMS BC 650 Community Health and Emergency Management

Metropolitan College

MET AD 620 Environmental Law, Regulation, and Sustainability
Sustainability-related courseMET IS 312 Food Stuff: A Taste of Biology
Sustainability-related courseMET MG 565 History of American Management
Sustainability-related courseMET ML 720 Food Policy and Food Systems
Sustainability-related courseMET PO 241 Introduction to Public Policy
Sustainability-related courseMET SO 100 Principles of Sociology
Sustainability-related courseMET UA 515 History and Theory of Urban Planning

MET UA 521 Environmental Law
MET UA 533 Environmental Management and Sustainability
Sustainability-related courseMET UA 590 International Comparative Urbanization and Planning
MET UA 603 Environmental Justice, Security and Sustainability
MET UA 610 Urban Environmental Issues
Sustainability-related courseMET UA 619 Urban Transportation Policy and Planning
MET UA 805 The Boston Urban Symposium

School of Theology

Sustainability-related courseSTH TS 829/929 Christian Ecological Ethics
Sustainability-related courseSTH TS 862/962 Global Ethics in Cultural Contexts

Sustainability courses concentrate on the concept of sustainability, including its social, economic, and environmental dimensions, or examine an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens.
Sustainability-related courseInclude sustainability
incorporate sustainability as a distinct course component or module or concentrate on a single sustainability principle or issue.