Graduate Certificates


Applied Sustainability

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Sustainability within Metropolitan College is a unique interdisciplinary look at what it takes to make urban and economic development compatible with the natural environment.

As governments, corporations, and  industries seek experts who can guide them toward greener practices, there is an increasing demand for individuals who can assess environmental impact, navigate national and international regulations, minimize waste by streamlining IT infrastructure, propose budget-cutting energy strategies, and implement policies that are as financially and politically sound as they are eco-friendly.

Taught by Metropolitan College faculty from the departments of Applied Social Sciences, Administrative Sciences, and Computer Science, coursework guides students through the foundations of ecology; current theories of sustainability; methods for optimizing energy and land use; building management techniques; the politics, law, and economics of the global green movement; and the relationship between IT and the consumption of resources.

This certificate is appropriate for individuals currently in roles as sustainability professionals as well as those seeking to enter this expanding and exciting field. Architects, facilities managers, city planners, and IT experts have the opportunity to fill gaps in their existing knowledge, whereas those just beginning careers in these and related fields will gain the foundation to make green thinking central to their work from the outset.

Upon completion, students will be prepared to guide their organizations toward a sustainable future in strategic and competitive ways.

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Global Ecology Education

Discover the Global Ecology Education Graduate Certificate offered at the Boston University School of Education. This program is designed for middle and secondary teachers; environmental science majors; community college and undergraduate instructors; educators at science museums, arboreta, botanical and zoological gardens, and nature sanctuaries;  environmental advocates; science media personnel; and any biology- and geoscience centered students seeking greener pathways.


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