College of Arts and Sciences

Sustainability-related courseCAS GE 100 Introduction to Environmental Science
CAS GE 150 Sustainable Energy: Technology, Resources, Society, and Environment
CAS GE 309 Intermediate Environmental Analysis
CAS GE 519 Energy, Society, and the Environment
Sustainability-related courseCAS GE 555 World Oil Markets
CAS EC 571 Energy and Environmental Economics
GRS GE 947 Problems in Energy
GRS GE 948 Problems in Energy

School of Education

SED SC 533 Green Energy
SED SC 534 Global Energy Distribution

College of Engineering

ENG EK 543 Sustainable Power Systems
Sustainability-related courseENG EK 131 Introduction to Engineering
Sustainability-related courseENG EK 132 Introduction to Engineering
Sustainability-related courseENG EK 304 Energy and Thermodynamics
Sustainability-related courseENG ME 527 Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing
ENG SE 543 Sustainable Power Systems: Planning, Operation, and Markets

Sustainability-related courseENG ME 304 Energy and Thermodynamics
Sustainability-related courseENG ME 419 Heat Transfer
Sustainability-related courseENG ME 505/MS 505 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
Sustainability-related courseENG ME 545/MS 545 Electrochemistry of Fuel Cells and Batteries
Sustainability-related courseENG EC 573 Solar Energy Systems
Sustainability-related courseENG EK 280/SO 277 Technology and Society
ENG EK 335 Environmental Engineering
ENG EK 408 Introduction to Clean Energy Generation and Storage Technologies
ENG EK 546 Assessment of Sustainable Energy Technologies

School of Law

LAW JD 832 Energy Law

Questrom School of Business

FE 817 Clean Energy

Kilachand Honors College

UHC PY 101 Energy

Sustainability courses concentrate on the concept of sustainability, including its social, economic, and environmental dimensions, or examine an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens.
Sustainability-related courseInclude sustainability
incorporate sustainability as a distinct course component or module or concentrate on a single sustainability principle or issue.