sustainability@BU Alumni

sustainability@BU has been fortunate to have many talented undergraduate and graduate students work with us to move our programs forward. We are proud of the many accomplishments of our alumni and the positions they landed after graduating from BU.

Class of 2019

Sari Klein, BA, Political Ecology

Sari Klein Sari Klein is an undergraduate pursuing an independent major in Political Ecology. She is interested in studying the complex relationships that link environmental concerns with social, political, and economic institutions. In her free time she enjoys cooking, photography, and spending time outdoors.

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Maura Appleberry, BS, Mechanical Engineering

Maura Appleberry Maura is an undergraduate in ENG studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in energy technology. She is interested in developing renewable energy technologies, incorporating them in energy efficiency systems for buildings, and exploring how market fluctuations provide opportunity for clean energy technologies. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to NPR, volunteering, finding new coffee shops, and running through Boston. Maura’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU included building efficiency project data compiling and tracking metrics involving the Green Revolving Fund.

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Erika Gerdts, BS, Business Administration & Management

Erika Gerdts Erika is an undergraduate student in the Questrom School of Business and is pursuing a minor in sustainable energy. She serves on the E-Staff of the Environmental Affairs department of BU Student Government. Erika loves the outdoors, literature, and music. She also longboards, plays guitar, and writes poetry. Erika’s primary responsibility with sustainability@BU was as a Sustainability Ambassador and working at the Sustainability Help Desk.

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Saloni Shah, BS, Biomedical Engineering & Sustainable Energy

Saloni Shah Saloni is an undergraduate in the College of Engineering studying biomedical engineering and sustainable energy. She is interested in using technology and entrepreneurship to solve problems related to energy efficiency and sustainable development. Saloni is also involved in Global App Initiative and Entrepreneurship Club and enjoys dancing and trying new restaurants in the city in her free time. Her interest in sustainability was sparked when she visited farmer’s markets and read about the greenhouse gas effect. Saloni’s primary responsibility with sustainability@BU was as a Sustainability Ambassador, working directly with BU Orientation to provide education about sustainability resources on campus.

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Lena Adams, BS, Health Science

Lena Adams Lena is an undergraduate student at Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences studying Health Science. She is interested in studying the environment’s impact on the overall health of humans and animals. Lena serves on the executive board of Boston University’s Salsa Club, and is a member of Advance, Recruit, Retain, and Organize Women in STEM (ARROWS). Lena also enjoys practicing martial arts, playing chess, and solving Sudoku puzzles. Lena’s primary responsibility with sustainability@BU was as a Sustainability Ambassador, working directly with BU Orientation to provide education about sustainability resources on campus.

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Carolyn Hoffman, BS, Social Studies & BA, International Relations

Carolyn Hoffman Carolyn is a pre-law undergraduate pursuing a dual-degree in social studies education in the School of Education and international relations in the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority and SED Dean’s Hosts, and also serves on the Executive Board of the International Affairs Association’s Global Civics and the History Educator’s Club. She is interested in the effect climate change has on the people of developing countries and is eager to educate the public on sustainable living. Carolyn is also an avid dog lover and coffee addict. Carolyn’s primary responsibility with sustainability@BU was as a Sustainability Ambassador, working directly with BU Orientation to provide education about sustainability resources on campus.

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Abigail Limric, BA, Biology

Abigail Limric Abigail is an undergraduate studying Biology with specialization in Behavioral Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is interested in pursuing studies in both biology and biological anthropology. She has been involved with ARROWS-U, a group providing support for women in the STEM fields in addition to living on the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) floor of Warren Towers in the previous year. Her interests include reading, Game of Thrones, and exploring the City of Boston. Abigail’s primary responsibility with sustainability@BU was as a Sustainability Ambassador, working directly with BU Orientation to provide education about sustainability resources on campus.

Class of 2018

Josh Stoffel, MBA

Josh Stoffel Josh is a Master of Business Administration candidate at the BU Questrom School of Business and is focusing his degree on organizational behavior, operations, and strategy. He is interested in how organizations can better treat and support their employees in order for employees to be more fulfilled with their jobs and more productive in working toward strategic priorities. Josh holds a BS in environmental sciences and a M.Ed. in higher education administration from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He enjoys most outdoor activities and likes to try his hand at building furniture. Josh’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU included climate action planning and research.

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Jonathan DiCesare, BA, Environmental Analysis & Policy

Jonathan DiCesare Jonathan is an undergraduate student studying environmental analysis and policy with a minor in engineering. He is interested in the development of renewable energy technologies and efficient transportation methods. Back home Jonathan is completing a micro-hydroelectric facility. He loves to eat, sail, and adventure.
Jonathan’s primary responsibility with sustainability@BU was Green Office Certification.

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Julia Shaw, BA, Marine Science & Italian

Julia Shaw Julia is an undergraduate student pursuing an independent major called urban sustainability, through the College of Arts and Sciences. The major combines her interests in urban and environmental studies by incorporating courses from the environmental science, sociology, anthropology, political science, and urban affairs departments. She is interested in the development of sustainable food and water systems in an urban context. Julia spends her spare time biking around Boston, hanging out in local coffee shops, and experimenting in the kitchen with exotic produce from farmer’s markets. Julia’s primary responsibility with sustainability@BU was communication and outreach.

Sabrina Kaye, BS, Mechanical Engineering

Sabrina Kaye Sabrina Kaye is an undergraduate student studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in energy technologies. She is interested in developing sustainable energy technologies and contributing to sustainable development. Sabrina is an active member of Boston University’s Earth House, where she works to enact options to make the house more eco-friendly. Sabrina also enjoys traveling, art, music, and working with kids.

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Juan Tomas Leal, BS, Mechanical Engineering

Juan Tomas Leal Juan joined the Boston University’s College of Engineering in 2014. He is currently pursuing a major in mechanical engineering with a concentration in energy technologies. His career goal is to be an entrepreneur in the energy technology field. Juan loves traveling, skiing, and the outdoors. Juan’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU included brownstone energy efficiency pilot program, energy analysis, and heat timer technical research.

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Class of 2017

Mike DiMuccio, MA, International Relations

Mike DiMuccio Mike studied environmental policy and international relations at the Pardee School of Global Studies. He is interested in global environmental negotiation & policy and sustainable development. In his spare time, Mike enjoys playing the guitar, ultimate frisbee, and spending time outdoors. Mike’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU included energy data analysis, STARS reporting, and climate action planning research.

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Ryan Peters, BS, Mechanical Engineering

Ryan Peters Ryan graduated in 2017 from the College of Engineering with a degree in mechanical engineering, concentrating in energy technologies. He is interested in the development of renewable energy technologies and sustainable agricultural systems. Ryan’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU included managing waste metrics, the University’s greenhouse gas inventory, the nitrogen footprinting pilot, and reporting for the Chevy Campus Clean Energy Campaign. Ryan is currently employed at Vanderweil Engineers in Boston as a mechanical engineer supporting the commercial HVAC design group.

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Kelly Tobin, BA, Marine Science & Italian

Kelly Tobin Kelly is an undergraduate student studying marine science and Italian. She hopes to work in outreach and education to get people excited about the environment and empower others to see how their actions impact the entire world. Kelly loves exploring Boston, farmers markets, consuming excessive amounts of coffee, and is the proud parent of a Betta fish named Kendrick. Kelly’s primary responsibility with sustainability@BU included communication and outreach.

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Emma Marshall-Torres, BA, Environmental Analysis & Policy

Emma Marshall-Torres Emma Marshall-Torres is a senior at Boston University studying environmental analysis & policy, sustainable energy, and French. She has a background in advocacy and international nonprofit work, but hopes to ultimately work abroad in the renewable energy space following graduation. She enjoys drawing, languages, photography, coffee, and dogs. Emma’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU included communications and updating reports and surveys.

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Jacqueline Farnsworth, BS, Mechanical Engineering

Jacqueline Farnsworth Jacqueline is an undergraduate studying Mechanical Engineering. She is an active member of BU’s Engineers Without Borders and participated with the August 2015 Zambia travel team building local capacity for the development of water purification projects. She is an active sailor and has spent most of her summers sailing out of Rhode Island. Jaqueline’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU included Green Office Certification and energy analysis.

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Antonio Chidiac, BA, Psychology

Antonio Chidiac Antonio is an undergraduate student studying psychology, focusing on neuroscience, and with a keen interest in organizational behavior. He is interested in applying fundamentals of behavioral economics and social psychology to inspire change in culture and behavior towards sustainability across various communities globally. Antonio is an active biker who also enjoys hiking, kayaking, sailing, and traveling to new places. Antonio’s primary responsibility with sustainability@BU was as a Sustainability Ambassador, working directly with BU Orientation to provide education about sustainability resources on campus.

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Montana Airey, BA, Marine Science/Environmental Science

Montana Airey Montana Airey is an undergraduate studying marine science and environmental science in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is interested in the sustainable sourcing of food, especially in terms of fisheries, for the betterment of human and environmental health. Montana also plays in the BU concert band and has a small sheep farm back at home. Montana’s primary responsibility with sustainability@BU was as Sustainability Ambassador, working directly with BU Orientation to provide education about sustainability resources on campus.

Class of 2016

Bastien Richelle, BS, Mechanical Engineering

Bastien Richelle Bastien studied mechanical engineering focusing on energy technologies. He is interested in the development of renewable energy technologies in developing countries. Bastien was part of the BU Tennis Club, but enjoys playing all kind of racket sports. He also enjoys taking pictures in the wild. Bastien’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU included working on the brownstone energy efficiency pilot program, energy analysis, heat timer technical research.

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Dylan Lewellyn, BS, Business Administration

Dylan Lewellyn Dylan Lewellyn studied operations and technology management and sustainable energy at the Questrom School of Business. He is interested in developing sustainable business and new energy technologies. Dylan was an active member of BU Branch Out and enjoys hiking and riding his bike. Dylan’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU included LEED project support, STARS assistance, Green Office Certification, outreach.

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Juliette Vandame, MS, Mechanical Engineering/BFA, Sculpture

Juliette Vandame Juliette Vandame graduated in 2016 with degrees in sculpture from the College of Fine Arts and mechanical engineering in the College of Engineering. She is interested in contributing an artistic and scientific perspective to the fields of sustainable industrial design and energy technologies. Juliette also enjoys hiking, traveling and learning about sustainable food production and agriculture. Juliette’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU included STARS & survey, strategic planning, outreach, videography.

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Chen Cao, MPH, Global Health

Chen Cao Chen graduated from Boston University’s School of Public Health with a master of public health in global health in 2016. As an intern with sustainability@BU, he primarily focused on digital media engagement and strategy through the department’s various social media platforms. He has also helped the department with graphic design, both in print and online.

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Lindsey Chew, BS, Business Administration

Lindsey Chew Lindsey graduated from the Questrom School of Business in 2016, with a dual concentration in Health & Life Sciences and General Management. As an intern since 2013, she focused on communications and outreach. A few of her major projects included co-designing globally, top-trending #CleanEnergyU Twitter dialogues that were recognized at The White House, constructing a competitive communications analysis, and hosting events like the Earth Day Festivals and Eco Rep Symposium. Currently, Lindsey is putting her experience to work as a Digital Marketing Associate at Rocky Mountain Institute/Carbon War Room in New York City, supporting the communications team on social media campaigns, written content creation, and website design.

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Jonathan Blair, MBA

Jon Blair Jon earned his MBA from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business in 2016. He was drawn to the sustainability@BU team in an effort to better understand the challenges associated with renewable energy initiatives from a business management perspective. Jon’s primary role was supporting the team’s pursuit of a large scale renewable energy project involving both PPAs and NMAs. Prior to joining the team, he earned a BS in nuclear engineering from Purdue University and served as a naval officer on a deployed submarine. After leaving Boston, Jon began a career as the operations manager for a public power utility, which allowed him to combine his passion for engineering, management, and sustainable energy.

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Alexandra Wong, BS, Business Administration

Alex Wong Alex graduated in 2016 from the Questrom School of Business, concentrating in organizational behavior and operations & technology management. She also minored in sustainable energy at CAS. During her time with sustainability@BU, Alex worked on several projects and initiatives: STARS Reporting, Earth House research, Cardboard Recycling for move-in, and monthly lunch & learns. She also served on the Executive Board of BU Net Impact Undergrad as Treasurer. Currently, Alex is a Finance Assistant at Ceres, supporting the Finance team in sub-granting, contracting, and other general administrative tasks.

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Lucy Mui, BA, International Relations

Lucy Mui Lucy graduated from BU in 2016 with a BA in international relations and a minor in business administration. At sustainability@BU, she focused on creating content and strategy support for communications and marketing. In particular, she created an internal communications plan and helped with the redesign of the annual sustainability report. Currently, Lucy is working as the assistant to CEO at FINCA International, supporting global operations, company strategy, and sustainability.

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Veronica Alix, BA, Architectural Studies and International Relations

Veronica Alix Veronica studied architectural studies and international relations focusing on environment and development. She is interested in corporate and government responsibility and hopes to pursue a career in environmental law. Veronica was an active member in Global Brigades and enjoys running as means to explore new environments.
Veronica’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU included communications, outreach, and Sustainability Help Desk.

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Class of 2015

Rebecca Kahn, MS, Mechanical Engineering

Rebecca Kahn Rebecca Kahn received her MS in mechanical engineering at Boston University in December 2015. Prior to entering the world of engineering through BU’s LEAP program, she received a BA in geography from Colgate University in 2010. For most of 2015, she acted as the lead for the Brownstone Energy Efficiency Pilot with sustainability@BU and BU Facilities, studying and proposing energy conservation measures for the heating systems in BU’s brownstones. Her passion for energy efficiency and sustainability stems from her love of the outdoors. She is an avid hiker, and in 2011 she spent 4 months backpacking on the Appalachian Trail.

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Victoria Dearborn, BA, Environmental Science

Tori Dearborn Victoria graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences in 2015 with a BA in environmental science and a minor in public health. While working for sustainability@BU her responsibilities included strategic planning, outreach, and publications. Some of her biggest projects included co-hosting the 2013 Northeast Eco Rep Symposium and coordinating move-out and move-in waste diversion events. After graduation, Victoria entered the realm of environmental non-profit work and is currently a Coordinator for GrowNYC’s Stop ‘N’ Swap program, which aims to reduce waste and promote reuse in NYC.

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Jarvis Lee, M.Eng, Mechanical Engineering

Jarvis Lee Jarvis Lee received his M.Eng. in mechanical engineering in 2015. At sustainability@BU he modeled energy consumption in the University’s brownstone dorm buildings as part of a feasibility study on their potential for net zero energy retrofits. As a result, he developed energy conservation measures for piloting and implementation. He is interested in utilizing data in order to provide better insight into building construction and operation. He received his undergraduate degree in architecture in 2013 from the University of California, Berkeley and enjoys cycling in his free time.

After leaving BU, he went on to work at Ecova as an data scientist, helping develop a data framework for scalable, hands-off insights into building energy use through existing building characteristics and consumption data.

Brian Carroll, MBA, Questrom School of Business

Brian Carroll Brian graduated in 2015 with an MBA from the Questrom School of Business and is currently a Client Representative at IBM. His work with sustainability@BU focused on understanding the market and economic models to make the business case to bring renewable energy to Boston University. Brian’s past internship work with IBM focused on their Smarter Cities business, a collection of mobile, social, and analytics technologies that allow municipalities to more efficiently provide services to their citizens.

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Molly Wilder, MA, Energy & Environmental Analysis

Molly Wilder Molly graduated from BU in 2015 with a MA in energy and environmental analysis. While to working for sustainability@BU her responsibilities included developing the University’s climate change vulnerability assessment, GIS and remote sensing, green office certification, and research. She was also a member of the graduate team developing GIS maps to understand Boston University’s vulnerability to flooding from sea level rise and storm surge under Professor Gopal.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Molly is currently working as an intern at the Massachusetts Climate Action Network helping to promote success stories throughout the state with a media campaign and report, as well as doing some research, writing, and lobbying work.

Class of 2014

Eric Bullock, MS, GIS & Remote Sensing

Eric joined sustainability@BU in the Spring of 2014 to work as the Green Office Certification coordinator. From there, he used his skills in GIS and remote sensing to discover campus vulnerabilities to climate change in support of the development of Climate Ready BU. Eric is now a PhD candidate and researcher at BU’s Earth and Environment program using remote sensing to study land cover change around the world.

Class of 2013

Kasey Elliot, BA, Architectural Studies

Kasey graduated from BU in 2013. While at BU she focused on sustainable design in architecture and was member of the Boston University Architecture Club. Her primary responsibilities while working at sustainability@BU included LEED certification support and outreach.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Kasey is currently attending UC Berkeley and pursuing a master’s degree in architecture.

Kylie Pedersen, BS, Mechanical Engineering

Kylie graduated from BU in 2013. In addition to working for sustainability@BU she has also worked at the Clean Energy and Environmental Sustainability Initiative (CEESI) and the Sustainable Neighborhood Lab.

LinkedIn LinkedINKylie is now working as a mechanical engineer at Environmental Systems Design, Inc. in Chicago.

Mitchell Coirin, BS, Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Mitchell Coirin graduated from BU in 2013. His broad interests range from building energy use and efficiency, to aerospace engineering and the dynamics of spaceflight. While working at sustainability@BU he was responsible for tracking the University’s sustainability metrics as well as generating appropriate graphs and charts. These metrics included energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste & recycling, transportation, and others used in annual reporting to STARS, the website, and other publications. Additionally, Mitchell worked on the Green Office/Department Certification programs by performing audits in departments around the University.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Mitchell is planning on pursuing his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Columbia University.

Sarah Healy, MA, Environmental Environmental Remote Sensing and GIS

Sarah Sarah Healy graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences with a BA in Environmental Science. While working at sustainability@BU she was responsible for coordinating our Sustainable Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS) and other third party campus sustainability rating systems. She also coordinated sustainable move-in activities. In addition to her position with sustainability@BU, Sarah is a GIS research assistant in the Department of Geography and Environment. Her interests include hydrology and water resources.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Sarah is now working on home energy efficiency in the Boston Area with Next Step Living, a Mass Save provider.

Courtney Carroll, BA, Environmental Analysis and Policy

Courtney Courtney joined the sustainability@BU team in May 2012. Her main tasks involved researching climate and energy data to prepare presentations and to update the sustainability@BU website. She was also responsible for managing sustainability@BU’s Twitter and Facebook pages to facilitate student outreach and communication.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Courtney graduated from BU in January 2013 and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health in Environmental Health at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

Class of 2012

Ian Johnson, MA, Energy & Environmental Analysis

Ian Ian joined sustainability@BU in August of 2010 as Research Assistant. Coordinating with the University’s consultants and contractor, he was instrumental in the LEED Certification process for 85 and 87 St. Mary’s Street, Boston University’s first two LEED Gold projects. He developed, coordinated and implemented the Green Campus Tour, which launched in 2012. Ian also helped lay the groundwork for other LEED projects under BD+C and EBO+M, and worked on the University’s climate action plan.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Upon graduating, Ian joined Thornton Tomasetti – Fore Solutions, a green building consulting firm as a Project Director. In 2015 Ian opened his own firm SigNATURE Sustainability where he focuses on integrating sustainable building design with landscape design and permaculture.

Becky Morgan, BS

Becky Prior to joining sustainability@BU in 2011, Becky was a Recycling Coordinator at the Office of Environmental Health & Safety. She continued as a Recycling Coordinator and worked extensively on campus outreach and event planning. She ran the Recycling Café for sustainability@BU to help the BU community recycle difficult items like batteries, CFL light bulbs, and small electronics. She was the undergraduate student member of the Communications and Outreach Working Group.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Becky has gone on to work at Industrial Economics in Cambridge, MA as a Project Administrator.

 Nairika Murphy, MA, Energy & Environmental Analysis


Nairika Nairika joined sustainability@BU in October 2009 as a Research Intern where she helped shape the University sustainability program’s reporting methods through metrics and benchmarking. Starting in 2011 Nairika managed all social media initiatives, Join the Challenge, and worked on the development of the EcoRep Program. Further responsibilities included event planning, presentations, and support for LEED Certification projects on campus.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Nairika graduated in 2012 with a M.A. in Energy & Environmental Analysis and is now a Senior Consultant for Energy Management at Booz Allen Hamilton.

 Mike Orr, MA, Energy & Environmental Analysis


Mike Mike joined sustainability@BU in February 2011 to launch and roll out the University’s Green Office Certification program. Mike was responsible for scheduling and implementing office energy audits and certifications. He implemented the Green Department Certification pilots on the Charles River and Medical Campuses, and was instrumental in rolling out battery recycling in several departments on campus. Mike was a member of the Behavioral Change and Green Labs Task Forces.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Mike graduated in 2012 with a concentration in Energy & Environmental Analysis. He is now the Waste Reduction Program Manager for the City of Cambridge.

 Patrick Pease, Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


Patrick Patrick joined the sustainability@BU intern team in May 2011 to create the University’s sustainability metrics dashboard for tracking and generating graphs for reports. These metrics include energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste and recycling, transportation and others for annual reporting to STARS, the website, and other publications.  In addition to his work at sustainability@BU, Patrick was a Teaching Assistant for several CAD courses in the College of Engineering.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Upon graduating, Patrick went on to work for the Cambridge office Arup, an international engineering firm where he designs building mechanical systems for high performance green buildings.

 Meredith Withelder, BA, Environmental Analysis and Policy


Meredith Meredith joined the sustainability@BU team in January 2011 as the coordinator for the Sustainability Strategic Plan and reporting the University’s sustainability progress to internal and external audiences including AASHE STARS, Sierra Cool Schools, and the Princeton Review. Meredith coordinated with faculty and staff across campus to provide content, develop goals, strategies and processes for the strategic plan and its supporting documents including the Sustainable Purchasing Program and Green Cleaning Program.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Upon graduating, Meredith stayed on to work on the University’s Sustainability Strategic Plan, then in June 2012 became an analyst for Sightlines, a facilities management company dedicated to help colleges better manage their facilities investments. Meredith has now returned to BU to work as an Operations Financial Analyst for Facilities Management & Planning.

Class of 2011

 Anny Oberlink, Bachelor of Fine Arts


Annie Prior to joining sustainability@BU in 2011, Anny was a Recycling Coordinator at the Office of Environmental Health & Safety. She continued as a Recycling Coordinator and developed the recycling pages for the sustainability website. She combined the content of the old BU recycling page with the sustainability@BU recycling page to provide one source for recycling information on campus. As a graphic designer she designed the Join the Challenge mugs we see across campus.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Upon graduating, Anny started a silk-screening & graphic design studio in New York City called Power Plant Press.

Class of 2010

 Alyssa Benjamin, BS, Journalism


Alyssa In 2009 Alyssa Benjamin joined BU’s newly formed sustainability group within Facilities Management & Planning. She was an integral part of our identity development, website design, and communications strategy. She provided focus group support, advocated for an engaging user experience and offered a BU student’s perspective. Working closely with our Communications Specialist, Susan Lebovits, she developed content across all aspects of the website and the newsletter.

LinkedIn LinkedIN After graduating in 2009 Alyssa stayed on to develop and build content for the sustainability@BU and Facilities Management & Planning websites. In October 2010, she went on to work at Eileen Fisher as their Retail Communications Specialist.

 Kamran Taqui, MS-MBA dual degree


Kamran Kamran Taqui joined Boston University’s sustainability team in the summer of 2009. His work focused on the development of a Climate Action Plan, developing the tools for the University to track and address our carbon footprint. In addition he designed and implemented the annual Sustainability Survey and supported our Green Building Strategy development. Kamran was also responsible for developing the metrics displayed on the home page of the sustainability website, and the metrics behind BU’s 10 Sustainable Actions.

LinkedIn LinkedIN Upon graduating, Kamran went on to work at EnerNOC, as a carbon analyst.