EcoReps @ BU


The purpose of the EcoRep program is to promote campus sustainability through peer-to-peer awareness among students living in campus dorms. This group meets monthly, with the guidance of sustainability@BU, to improve communication on campus sustainability issues, plan activities and events that raise awareness within on campus housing, and share challenges, solutions, and successes.

The Boston University EcoRep program is designed to engage students in understanding how individual behaviors affect the environment and, collectively, have a significant impact. The program helps increase overall awareness of environmental, economic and social sustainability issues, and promotes green campus initiatives such as recycling, food education, energy efficiency, resource use and general sustainability.

Through education and activities, EcoReps educate themselves and disseminate information to their housemates and peers. EcoReps gain an enhanced level of sustainability literacy while actively promoting change on campus.

During the 2009/2010 academic year, the program was in its pilot phase at Rich Hall. It has since been expanded to include other dorms across campus and has engaged interested students in sustainability communications and outreach. As the program matures and gains momentum, it is hoped that EcoReps will become a widely recognized and influential student group on campus.