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sustainability@BU, “It’s what we do.” We do it with a dedicated team of interns, a director, and an outreach coordinator. We also get a great deal of support from many on campus, especially from Dining’s Sustainability Coordinator, Facilities Management & Planning’s Communications Specialist, and Recycling Coordinator and the entire FM&P department. Have an idea? Contact us!

Dennis Carlberg, Sustainability Director


Photo by: Kalman Zabarsky

Dennis Carlberg, AIA, LEED AP BD+C is an architect with over 25 years of experience. In January 2009 Dennis joined Boston University as its first Sustainability Director. He comes from a Boston architectural firm where he was a partner, senior designer, and chaired the sustainability committee, which he established in 2000. Dennis began his career at the Solar Energy Research Institute conducting daylighting research to reduce building energy consumption and improve the indoor environment.

Dennis co-chairs the Sustainability Council at the Urban Land Institute – Boston, a committee dedicated to exploring policies and solutions that address global climate change and which are both feasible and effective at the nexus of energy, land use, infrastructure and real estate. Dennis also co-chairs the ULI Boston Sea Level Rise Subcommittee, which was formed in 2011 to educate and motivate the Boston-area real estate community to actively address climate change, sea level rise, and climate resilience planning and policy.

Dennis received his Master of Architecture degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was awarded the AIA Gold Medal. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley.

At Boston University, Dennis is responsible for:

  • Developing and implementing a strategy to integrate sustainability principles into the operational functions of the University.
  • Communicating, informing and promoting these principles and programs throughout the University.
  • Acting as the campus spokesperson on sustainability and providing outreach to local and national organizations as well as funding agencies.

Lisa Tornatore, Sustainability Outreach Coordinator

Photo by: Kalman Zabarsky

Lisa Tornatore (CAS ’02) has a BA in Psychology from Boston University. For ten years, Lisa worked at BU Sargent College as a Senior Program Coordinator, Assistant to the Dean, and Facilities and Events Manager. While at Sargent, she was a Sustainability Liaison since the program’s inception. As a member of the Sustainability Behavior Change Task Force, she contributed to several initiatives including the Green Office and Green Department Certification programs.

Lisa coordinated the LEED Silver Certification of the Makechnie Study Center for Sargent College. This was the Charles River Campus’s first LEED Certification.

Lisa is also a Pilates instructor and enjoys cooking and eating locally-sourced food. She is interested in promoting a healthy, efficient way of life through sustainability.

As Outreach Coordinator, Lisa is responsible for:

  • Engaging faculty, staff, and students in campus sustainability.
  • Providing and supporting training of faculty, staff and students through existing programs and developing new programs.
  • Serve as the primary contact person and outreach coordinator for all on-campus sustainability activities.
  • Contribute to strategy development, ongoing evolution, execution, measurement, and reporting of the strategy for sustainability@BU.

Sabrina Pashtan, Sustainability Coordinator for Dining Services

Photo by: Kalman Zabarsky

Sabrina joined Boston University Dining Services in January 2010. She graduated from the University of Illinois in 2005 with a degree in International Studies and from the Luis Irizar Cooking School in San Sebastian, Spain, in 2007.

Sabrina’s position allows her to make an impact on our dining program in many ways. Sabrina creates and facilitates sustainability training for employees, coordinates the BU Farmers Market, and meets challenges like finding a compostable soup spoon that will hold up to a hot bowl of clam chowder. Sabrina works closely with student groups on campus, including the Environmental Student Organization, the Vegetarian Society, BU Bikes, and Slow Food. She also has her own food blog, Sabor-ina, featuring sustainable recipes.

Sabrina’s mission is to serve the BU community wholesome, delicious food in the most sustainable manner through socially responsible procurement, energy efficient operations, and a comprehensive waste management program.

Lauren Alzate, Communications Specialist

Photo by: Andi Walpurgis

Lauren Alzate is the Communications Specialist for Boston University Facilities Management & Planning. Lauren graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication in 2010 with a BS in journalism and is currently pursuing an MS in advertising at BU’s Metropolitan College. Some of Lauren’s major responsibilities include website support, public relations, project photography, and graphic communications.

@BU Student Interns:

sustainability@BU interns have been playing a critical role in the programs the office has developed and implemented since the summer of 2009. The knowledge and skills they bring to sustainability@BU have enabled the University to move quickly and effectively toward a more sustainable future. Many of our graduate and undergraduate interns work for pay, others for course credit through their schools and colleges, and now with the CAS On-Campus Internship Program we are able to engage more students in the University’s sustainability efforts.

Join Us

If you are a current BU student and have a passion for creating a more sustainable future consider joining us. If you are interested, please send your resume to sustainability@BU.edu, or apply through the CAS On-Campus Internship Program. We do have a waiting list, and typically fill positions at the beginning of each term.

Ryan Peters

Ryan Peters is an undergraduate in ENG studying mechanical engineering. He is interested in developing sustainable agricultural systems and renewable energy technologies. Ryan enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and exploring culinary alchemy.

Ryan’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU include:

  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • Managing sustainability metrics
  • Reporting for Chevy Campus Clean Energy Campaign
  • Nitrogen footprinting
  • Graphic Design and Data Visualization

Lindsey Chew

Lindsey Chew is an undergraduate studying management. She is interested in studying the connection between health issues and the environment, as well as learning about the food system and community gardens. Lindsey is also a TA at the Questrom School of Business and a member of BU Branch Out.

Lindsey’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU include:

  • Outreach
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sustainability Help Desk

Juliette Vandame

Juliette Vandame is an undergraduate studying sculpture in the College of Fine Arts, and mechanical engineering in the College of Engineering. She is interested in contributing an artistic and scientific perspective to the fields of sustainable industrial design and energy technologies. Juliette also enjoys hiking, traveling and learning about sustainable food production and agriculture.

Juliette’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU include:

  • STARS & Survey Coordinator
  • Strategic Planning Coordinator
  • Outreach
  • Videography

Dylan Lewellyn

Dylan Lewellyn is an undergraduate in the Questrom School of Business studying operations and technology management and sustainable energy. He is interested in developing sustainable business and new energy technologies. Dylan is also an active member of BU Branch Out and enjoys hiking and riding his bike around Boston.

Dylan’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU include:

  • LEED project support
  • STARS assistance
  • Green Office Certification
  • Outreach

Ra’iatea Lohe

Ra’iatea Lohe is an undergraduate studying environmental science and environmental analysis & policy. She is interested in environmental education, policy, and the complicated relationship between humans and the environment. Ra’iatea is in charge of the Environmental Coalition, an AD for the Student Government Department of Environmental Affairs as well as involved with Global Environmental Brigades, Students for a Just and Stable Future, Branch Out, and Net Impact. Ra’iatea is currently studying abroad in New Zealand.

Ra’iatea’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU include:

  • Behavior change project support
  • Liaison to sustainable student organizations
  • Event logistics

Lucy Mui

Lucy Mui is an undergraduate studying international relations with focuses in Latin America and environment and development, as well as business administration. She is interested in promoting environmental literacy, sustainable development, and corporate social responsibility. She is also a member of BU Net Impact Undergrad and Branch Out. Lucy can almost always be found anywhere sunny, where there is free food and photo-ops galore.

Lucy’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU include:

  • Communications strategy development
  • Outreach

Alexandra Wong

Alex Wong is an undergraduate student in the Questrom School of Business, concentrating in organizational behavior and operations management. She is pursuing a minor in CAS for sustainable energy. She serves on the Executive Board of BU Net Impact Undergrad and participates in a theater group on campus, Wandering Minds, as several technical crew roles. Alex likes learning languages and baking; she currently speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and loves to bake chocolate chip cookies.

Alex’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU include:

  • STARS support
  • Research

Chen Cao

Chen graduated from Boston University Magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a public health minor in 2014. He is currently pursing a Masters of Public Health at the Boston University School of Public Health. Chen has been deeply involved with BU’s Community Service Center and is a resident assistant.

Chen’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU include:

  • Graphic design
  • Outreach strategy development

Bastien Richelle

Bastien is an undergraduate studying mechanical engineering focusing on energy technologies. He is interested in the development of renewable energy technologies in developing countries. Bastien is part of the BU Tennis Club but enjoys playing all kind of racket sports. He also enjoys taking pictures in the wild.

Bastien’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU include:

  • Brownstone energy efficiency pilot program
  • Energy analysis
  • Heat timer technical research

Jaqueline Farnsworth

Jacqueline is an undergraduate studying Mechanical Engineering. She is an active member of BU’s Engineers Without Borders and participated with the August 2015 Zambia travel team building local capacity for the development of water purification projects. She is an active sailor and has spent most of her summers sailing out of Rhode Island.

Jaqueline’s primary responsibilities with sustainability@BU include:

  • Green Office Certification
  • Energy analysis