Recycling & Waste Management Working Group


Identifies goals, best practices, and opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials purchased by the University.

Specific Responsibilities

Develop strategies, policies, and procedures to:

  • Develop a sustainable purchasing program
  • Reduce environmental and carbon footprint via the purchasing program
  • Increase efficient use of purchased products and materials
  • Increase recycled content and regional sourcing of purchased products and materials
  • Reduce waste
  • Increase the University’s recycling rate
  • Develop and recommend criteria for waste and recycling audits and action plans
  • Recommend pilot programs and pilot projects to test and verify the proposed strategies, policies and procedures
  • Recommend projects to the Sustainability Steering Committee

The Recycling and Waste Management Working Group includes:

Name School/College/Department Position
Douglas Zook School of Education
Richard Stack Office of Purchasing Services
Craig Hill Auxiliary Services
Webb Lancaster Auxiliary Services
Woodrow Freese Office of Residence Life
David Rini BUMC Administration
Douglas Zook School of Education
Dennis Carlberg Facilities Management & Planning
Richard Stack Office of Purchasing Services
Paul Kelly Environmental Management
Mike Lyons Facilities Management & Planning
Sarah Morrissey Sustainability Coordinator
Rachael Weil Undergraduate Student, CAS
Dorothy Dinoto Undergraduate Student