Communications and Outreach Working Group


The primary purpose of the Communications and Outreach Working Group is to engage the University community by promoting awareness and understanding of sustainability, and to communicate the accomplishments of the University’s, operations, academic, and administrative efforts to integrate sustainability into its everyday activities.

Specific Responsibilities:

Develop strategies, policies, and procedures to:

  • Create a movement of campus sustainability to accelerate behavioral change through education and social engagement
  • Create a sense of community within the University’s sustainability initiatives, showcasing what each college is doing within the field of sustainability
  • Exchange and share information among University stakeholders
  • Communicate what the University has accomplished, what it is doing, and what it plans to do to improve campus sustainability, education, and research
  • Communicate the University’s efforts and accomplishments to local and national media outlets
  • Recommend pilot programs and pilot projects to test and verify the proposed strategies, policies, and procedures
  • Recommend projects to the Sustainability Steering Committee

The Communications and Outreach Working Group includes:

Name School/College/Department Position
Dennis Carlberg Facilities Management & Planning Sustainability Director
Carolyn Clark College of Communication Associate Professor
Kenneth Elmore Dean of Students’ Office Dean of Students
Kat Hasenauer Dean of Students’ Office Assistant to the Dean of Students
Charles Griswold CAS Philosophy Professor
Lauren Alzate Facilities Management & Planning Communications Specialist
Stephanie Henry Questrom School of Business Senior Systems Administrator
Lisa Tornatore Facilities Management & Planning Sustainability Outreach Coordinator
Claire Gambrill College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Student