BUMC Sustainability Committee


The Boston University Medical Campus exists to train the professionals who maintain the health and well-being of our communities.  Part of that healing mission is understanding and mitigating adverse effects on our environment, by both ensuring the short-term health of our neighborhoods and the long-term health of our planet.

Sustainability will require bringing together a wide selection of BUMC’s population: students, staff, physicians, janitors – to address our environmental impact as a campus.  The BUMC Sustainability Committee provides BUMC with guidance, recommendations, and training to fully understand our effect on the planet and how to minimize it.


The Sustainability Committee is tasked with identifying, communicating, and promoting best practices with regard to energy reduction measures, waste management, and sustainability at BUMC.  By utilizing BUMC’s intellectual and physical resources, the Committee works to best mitigate negative effects of our campus operations on the planet.  The Committee is dedicated to developing operating procedures at the BUMC that are economically viable and simultaneously reflect the core mission of the campus, which is to heal and educate.

The BUMC Sustainability Committee includes:

Working Group Members