Communication is vital in maintaining our sustainability efforts on campus. While the sustainability@BU website acts as a portal to house information throughout the University community, it’s important that it’s disseminated on a regular basis. This newsletter is an additional vehicle to help us reach our vast audience.

Those who have had the opportunity to navigate through the sustainability@BU website will find information such as what BU is doing to reduce its environmental footprint; research being done in renewable energy; classes that touch on environmental issues; energy saving building retrofits; what various schools and colleges across the University are doing to conserve energy and water; recycling and composting efforts- even where the bike racks and recycle bins can be found.

Another area highlights what individuals and groups throughout the BU community are doing to reduce their environmental footprint- from composting to grass-roots recycling efforts.

Please contact us if your school, college, group or club would like to share their story. This information is not only inspirational, but may be used as “models” for other to emulate.

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