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Sustainable Dining Report 2018

What we have done and what is to come Since 2013, BU Dining has published an annual report highlighting achievements of each academic year and benchmarking progress in reaching our sustainable food and dining goals. The 2018 Sustainability Report will feature milestones for local food, third party certified products, low carbon menus, reusable containers, and […]

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Dining Sustainably at BU in 2019

Here’s what you can expect on your plate in 2019 You know what they say, new year, new (men)u. Sustainability is a core value for Boston University Dining Services, which translates to local, humane, sustainably grown, responsibly harvested, and plant-based foods in our dining halls and restaurants. We are excited to make some big changes […]

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No More Plastic Bags

Have you noticed the new shopping bags provided on campus and at Boston retailers? The City of Boston passed a Plastic Bag ordinance on December 14, 2018 to reduce litter, protect ocean environments and waterways from pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce solid waste in the waste stream. The bag ban only applies to […]

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