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$ Billion Green Challenge

BOSTON UNIVERSITY JOINS LAUNCH OF $1 BILLION ‘GREEN CHALLENGE’ Boston University, Harvard, Stanford, Arizona State, and other leading colleges commit a total of $65 million to innovative energy efficiency financing initiative PITTSBURGH, PA (Oct. 11, 2011)– Boston University joined with 32 other leading institutions today to launch the Billion Dollar Green Challenge. The goal is […]

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Watching Climate Change from the Ground and the Heavens

It sounds like science fiction: a research project spanning centuries (the 19th to the 21st, to be exact), the living and the dead, and lab sites from Walden Pond to outer space. But it’s happening at BU. For several years, Richard Primack has been prowling Henry David Thoreau’s old haunts in Concord, Mass., chronicling spring’s […]

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Fueling Global Warming, Not Homes

By Rich Barlow. Video by Nicolae Ciorogan Nathan Phillips is a meter-reader for the 21st century. The College of Arts & Sciences associate professor of geography and environment recently piled into a Nissan Murano with collaborators Bob Ackley and Eric Crosson and rambled through the streets of greater Boston to hunt for natural gas leaks. […]

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