Internship Placement Process

Internship Placement Process

We have a team of experts and a process in place to find the right internship for you.

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Receive Expert Assistance

Every participant in the Boston University Summer Study Internship Program receives placement in an internship.

Your internship placement will be facilitated by the Academic Internship Council (AIC), an experienced, non-profit organization that has worked in partnership with Boston University for many years. AIC's placement team makes a considerable effort to match each student to an appropriate position and to support students throughout the internship on an individualized basis. The steps in the process are as follows:

  1. Defining your interests: You will participate in a Pre-Placement Meeting with an AIC representative, via phone. During this conversation, you will discuss your interests, skills, and experience.
  2. Finding the right placement: Based on the phone discussion, your completed AIC application, and your résumé, your AIC representative will conduct a search for relevant internships. Here, AIC’s expertise is key: having placed hundreds of students in internships, they have an extensive database of available opportunities and close contacts with many firms and organizations.
  3. Interviewing for the job: AIC will report its findings back to you and will forward your résumé to companies that might be interested in hiring you as an intern. When a company expresses an interest in your résumé and application, AIC or the company will contact you to schedule an interview. Each student must complete the interview procedure in order to be accepted by an employer for placement.
  4. Starting your internship: Once you and a potential employer agree that you’ll be a good fit for their organization, you will then spend your summer gaining valuable experience in your field of interest.

About AIC

The Academic Internship Council (AIC) is the North American spin-off to EUSA - Academic Internship Programs, the European internship organization with which Boston University has had a relationship for over 25 years. Drawing from this experience, AIC is committed to providing high quality internships and other professional development related services. AIC has been working with the BU Summer Study Internship Program since it began in 2006. The sponsor database that AIC has built encompasses internships across a wide variety of industry sectors. AIC implements customized, academically directed student internship programs on behalf of institutions of higher education in the U.S. and abroad and became part of the CIEE Family in 2014.


Meet Your Internship Placement Coordinator

Summer Study Interns will work with the following AIC representative:

Cynthia Singer Riordan

Program Director, Boston

A graduate of Rutgers University, Cynthia started her career working as a human resources coordinator for The Advisory Board Company, a consulting firm based in Washington D.C. Cynthia has always had a strong interest in global issues and people from various backgrounds, so her transition into international and experiential education was a natural career shift. She began by teaching English abroad in Germany, and then returned to the U.S. to work with exchange programs at CIEE. Immediately prior to joining the AIC team, Cynthia was the Center Director of the English Language Center, an ESL organization located in Boston. Her experiences working with students and in human resources naturally lend themselves to AIC's mission.


Support throughout the Internship

AIC provides support to Summer Study Interns throughout the duration of their time at Boston University.

Group Workshops:

Throughout the program, the placement team will present and facilitate workshops dedicated to a variety of topics, including goal setting, self-assessment, interviewing skills, networking, and making the most of your internship.

Review and Evaluation:

Your internship experience will be monitored through a mid-term review and a final evaluation from your internship sponsor. The placement team will provide guidance and troubleshooting to employers and students throughout the internship.


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