Graphic & Web Design Track

From the introduction of the first printing press to the colonies in 1639 to the technology of today's digital age, Boston has long been a catalyst for innovations in communication and design.

On the Graphic & Web Design track, you'll explore the fundamentals of graphic design and interactive media through creative projects and assignments. Internship areas include magazine and book design, publishing, web development and design, and advertising.

"I aim to start my own business, so this gave me a flavor for what that would be like. This experience will help me because I now have an idea of what it takes to get started, how to work with clients, and how to design while taking into account strategy and a client’s future goals."
Abby Legge, Syracuse University
Intern, Willis-Works Communications

Summer 1: The Academic Phase
(May 19 - June 26, 2015)

You'll spend your first six weeks of the Summer Study Internship Program taking two 4-credit courses chosen from offerings in graphic and web design. The courses below were offered in Summer 2014 and can serve as a guide to what is typically offered. Courses for Summer Term 2015 will be posted on January 15, 2015.

  • CFA AR 225 Graphic Design Elective
  • CFA AR 425 The Artist and the Book
  • COM CM 323 Design and New Media
  • COM CM 443 New Media and Public Relations
  • COM CM 561 Special Topics in Mass Communication
  • MET CS 201 Introduction to Programming
  • MET CS 232 Programming with Java
  • MET MG 448 Electronic Commerce, Systems, and Web Design
  • SMG MK 469 Communication and Digital Media Strategy
  • SMG SM 105 Introduction to Marketing

Summer 2: The Internship Phase
(July 6 - August 14, 2015)

For the second six weeks of the program, you'll be placed as an intern in a Boston-area organization or business that matches your interests and experience. You should expect to work five days a week for a minimum of 35 hours. Most internships are unpaid.

Graphic & Web Design Internship Opportunities

Internship placement opportunities are available at graphic and web design firms; publishing companies; advertising and creative agencies; non-profits; and local businesses.

Internship Placement

  • Internship placement for 35 hours a week
  • Internship matches are based on your interests, abilities, and experience
  • All internship sites are accessible by public transportation
  • Visit our Placement Process page for additional information

Summer Study Internship Course
(May 22 - August 14, 2015)

The Summer Study Internship Program's 2-credit Internship Course meets on Friday mornings throughout Summer 1 and two evenings in Summer 2. The course explores links between your academic track and your on-site professional experience, and provides support and guidance as you prepare for your placement.

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