Communication Track

From film production to public relations to journalism, there's no disputing that Boston boasts a thriving communication industry. Boston is home to a vibrant creative economy that features some of the best minds in newspaper reporting, broadcasting, advertising, and filmmaking.

Exploring topics ranging from PR, advertising, and mass communication to new media and journalism, students put their knowledge to practice in internships at independent production companies, news services, newspapers, magazines, marketing and public relations agencies, and others.

"This internship helped me understand the different areas I can focus on in the marketing world, from digital communication to event planning. And I loved being in Boston! The city has so much to offer and a variety of diverse neighborhoods to explore."
Ally Sprague, Washington University in St. Louis
Intern, Olives & Grace

Summer 1: The Academic Phase
(May 20 - June 27, 2014)

You'll spend your first six weeks of the Summer Study Internship Program taking two 4-credit courses chosen from offerings in the field of communication.

Choose Two:

  • COM CM 301 Principles and Practices of Public Relations
  • COM CM 311 Professional Presentation
  • COM CM 313 Corporate Communication
  • COM CM 317 Introduction to Advertising
  • COM CM 321 Mass Communication Research
  • COM CM 331 Writing for Communication
  • COM CM 345 Public Relations in Nonprofit Settings
  • COM CM 380 Theory and Process of Communication
  • COM CM 409 Persuasion and Public Opinion
  • COM CM 441 Media Relations
  • COM CM 443 New Media and Public Relations
  • COM CM 522 Managing Corporate Crises and Issues
  • COM CO 201 Introduction to Communication Writing
  • COM FT 303 History of Television
  • COM FT 310 Storytelling for Film and Television
  • COM FT 353 Production I
  • COM JO 250 Fundamentals of Journalism
  • COM JO 305 Basic Photography for Non-Majors
  • COM JO 309 Feature Writing
  • COM JO 357 History and Principles of Journalism
  • COM JO 502 Journalism Special Topics
  • COM JO 525 Media Law and Ethics
  • MET MG 431 International Marketing
  • SMG MK 468 Advanced Marketing Strategy
  • SMG MK 469 Communication and Digital Media Strategy
  • SMG SM 105 Introduction to Marketing

Summer 2: The Internship Phase
(July 7 - August 15, 2014)

For the second six weeks of the program, you'll be placed as an intern in a Boston-area organization or business that matches your interests and experience. You should expect to work five days a week for a minimum of 35 hours. Most internships are unpaid.

Communication Internship Opportunities

Internship placement opportunities are available at television and radio stations; news services; advertising, marketing, and public relations agencies; newspapers; and magazines.

Internship Placement

  • Internship placement for 35 hours a week
  • Internship matches are based on your interests, abilities, and experience
  • All internship sites are accessible by public transportation
  • Visit our Placement Process page for additional information

Summer Study Internship Course
(May 23 - August 15, 2014)

The Summer Study Internship Program's 2-credit Internship Course meets on Friday mornings throughout Summer 1 and two evenings in Summer 2. The primary emphasis of this course is to explore links between your academic track and your on-site professional experience, and to provide support and guidance as you prepare for your placement.

Meet a Communication Student

Student: Cinthya Pereira

Courses: Principles and Practices of Public Relations; Writing for Communication

Internship Site: Foundation for a Green Future, Inc.

On the Job: At my internship I acted as the right-hand woman to the Executive Director of Boston GreenFest. I attended weekly meetings at Boston City Hall to discuss and plan the event and helped manage the non-profit’s social media sites. I used my bilingual skills to co-star with the Executive Director on live Latino television to promote and discuss the event, and met with general managers of various hotels to discuss possible in-house charitable donations for the event’s performing artists.

Perspectives: This experience has allowed me to understand the ins and outs of planning a large scale non-profit event and the connections I made will help me in the future. The program is the perfect way to get a feel for what you want to do career-wise.