Summer Preview


The seminars listed below were offered in Summer 2017. Please check back on December 15 for details about our 2018 seminars.

Summer Preview seminars meet every day for one week. Students select one seminar from the following choices.

Creative Writing: Finding Your Voice

This course introduces budding writers to various writing styles while helping them develop their writing skills through work on original pieces.You will confidently find a source of meaning or inspiration behind what you write. Students discuss and critique their writings in a supportive, creative workshop environment.

Discovering Biology: Building Blocks of Life

What makes up a cell? How do different cell types function? How are the four macromolecules of life (DNA, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids) used to make discoveries in genetic diseases and applied to other biological research? This course focuses on molecular biology concepts and genetics. Students participate in college level biological laboratory activities.