Discovering Biology

What makes up a cell? How do different cell types function? How are the four macromolecules of life (DNA, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids) used to make discoveries in genetic diseases and applied to other biological research? This course focuses on advanced concepts in molecular biology and genetics. Students participate in college level biological laboratory activities.

Exploring Mathematics

Can a geometric figure have finite area and infinite perimeter? Are there more whole numbers than there are even whole numbers? What day of the week will it be on Halloween of the year 2023? How does the barcode scanner at the supermarket detect errors? Students answer these and other questions using introductory concepts from Modular Arithmetic, Set Theory, and Fractal Geometry. It is recommended that students have some familiarity with concepts from high school Algebra.

Learning the Art of Writing

This course introduces budding writers to various writing styles while helping them develop their writing skills through work on original pieces. Students discuss and critique their writings in a supportive, creative workshop environment.