Program Calendar

When making travel arrangements, please keep the following in mind:


Students check-in at the security desk on the 4th floor of Warren Towers, 700 Commonwealth Avenue, at the times indicated below.

  • Residential: July 22, 1 – 3 pm
  • Commuter: July 23, 8:30 am*

*After the first day and for the remainder of the program, commuter students should be dropped off at the security desk of Warren Towers between 9 and 9:15 am. Program Assistants will be on hand to meet the students and chaperone them throughout the program. Unless staying for the evening activities (which they are welcome to attend), commuter students can be picked up at the security desk of Warren Towers each day at 5 pm.


The program ends at 5 pm on Friday, July 27. Students can be picked up at Warren Towers.

Certificates and Evaluations

Students receive a certificate of completion and a letter of evaluation from their seminar instructor. Both the certificate and evaluation will be provided to the student after the program concludes. Students who are dismissed from the program or leave the program early will not receive their certificates or evaluation letters.