Program Calendar

Summer 2018

Session 1

June 17 - June 29

Session 2

July 8 - July 20

Session 3

July 22 - August 3

When making travel arrangements, please keep the following in mind:


Students check in at Warren Towers, 700 Commonwealth Avenue, between 1 and 4 pm. The program begins promptly at 4:30 pm with a student orientation.

  • Session 1: June 17
  • Session 2: July 8
  • Session 3: July 22


Summer Challenge ends at 1 pm on the second Friday of each session—after the final presentations and closing reception. Students can leave after 1 pm or stay overnight in the dorm until 10 am Saturday morning. Students who stay until the following morning must continue to follow all program rules and guidelines.

  • Session 1: June 29
  • Session 2: July 20
  • Session 3: August 3

Final Class Presentations

Final class presentations occur on the second Friday morning of each session. Family and friends are invited to attend. An email is sent out one week before the final presentations with further details, including locations. Final presentations are followed by a closing reception that ends at 1 pm.

Certificates and Evaluations

Students receive a certificate of completion and letters of evaluation from their seminar instructors. Both the certificate and evaluations will be provided to the student after the program concludes. Students who are dismissed from the program or leave the program early will not receive their certificates or evaluation letters.