Planned Program Activities & Free Time

Boston University Summer Term High School Programs offer a true pre-college experience. Along with rigorous academics, our high school programs provide a well-planned and exciting social experience at Boston University. We want you to spend your time with us figuring out what it means to be a college student. That means learning to balance your academic work with fun events and free time.

In order to build a strong student community, we plan a variety of mandatory activities. These include group outings in Boston and engaging social events around the BU campus. Activities occur during the afternoon, evenings, and on weekends, depending on the program. These events are an important part of each high school program, and all students are required to attend.

Our staff is available every step of the way as you immerse yourself in your classes, the dorm, campus, and the city of Boston to make sure you are fulfilling your potential and getting everything out of your summer experience—academically, socially, and personally.

Free Time Guidelines

Students are allowed to leave campus during their free time. However, students are not permitted to leave campus by themselves—they must be accompanied by at least one other student in the program or by a Program Assistant. Summer Preview students must be with a Program Assistant if travelling off campus. Students may not leave the city of Boston without the permission of their parents and our program. Our program reserves the right to restrict students' access to any part of Boston for security or other concerns. When students do leave campus, they need to inform a Program Assistant of their destination and time of return. Students must return before any scheduled activity and no later than curfew. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in disciplinary action and possible removal from the program.

If a student must miss a mandatory program activity because of a special circumstance (e.g., a family reunion), the student's parent must send a written request to the Summer Term High School Programs office at least one week before the program begins. Requests should be sent via email to our office and should include a description of the special circumstance and the date and time the student will be away from the planned activity. Requests made once the program begins will not be considered. A student is only authorized to leave once the Summer Term Office approves the request via an email to the student's parent or guardian.

Remember: students are not allowed to miss any class time, and there are no overnight absences allowed for Summer Challenge/Summer Preview/AIM students. If the Summer Term High School Programs office authorizes a student to miss a planned activity, the student must return before curfew.