High School Honors

Course Numbers and College Abbreviations

Course Codes

All Summer Term courses are assigned a college and departmental code, a three-digit course number, and a section identifier. For example, CAS EC101S B1 means that the course is offered in the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), by the Economics Department (EC). The course number 101 indicates it is an introductory course, the S indicates it is a summer course, and section B1 indicates it is offered in Summer 2. Discussion and/or lab sections may be indicated by a B2 or B3 section. Please note: If a course has multiple sections such as a lecture and a lab, you must list both sections on the registration form. When a course has an IND descriptor after the section identifier, this indicates that there are no additional course components.

Course Number



Non-degree credit


Introductory or general undergraduate


Intermediate undergraduate


Advanced undergraduate

Boston University School and College Abbreviations




AAS African-American Studies 138 Mountfort Street
ASC African Studies Center 264-270 Bay State Road, 4th Floor
BRB Biology Research Building 5 Cummington Street
BSC Biological Science Center 2 Cummington Street
BUT BU Huntington Theatre 260-266 Huntington Avenue
CAD Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders 648 Beacon Street
CAS College of Arts and Sciences 685-725 Commonwealth Avenue
CFA College of Fine Arts 855 Commonwealth Avenue
CGS College of General Studies 871 Commonwealth Avenue
CNS Cognitive and Neural Systems 677 Beacon Street
COM College of Communication 640 Commonwealth Avenue
CRW Crew Boathouse 619 Memorial Drive
CSE Case Physical Education Center 285 Babcock Street
EGL English Faculty Offices 236 Bay State Road
EIB Editorial Institute Building 143 Bay State Road
EIL Eilberg Lounge (Case Center) 285 Babcock Street
EMA Engineering Manufacturing Annex 730 Commonwealth Avenue
EMB Engineering Manufacturing Building 15 St. Mary's Street
ENG College of Engineering 110-112 Cummington Street
EOP Center for English Language 890 Commonwealth Avenue
ERA Engineering Research Annex 48 Cummington Street
ERB Engineering Research Building 44 Cummington Street
FLR Fuller Building 808 Commonwealth Avenue
FOB Faculty Office Building (Alden Hall) 704 Commonwealth Avenue
FRC Fitness and Recreation Center 915 Commonwealth Avenue
GCB General Classroom Building 750 Commonwealth Avenue
GMS Graduate Medical Sciences 715 Albany Street
GRS Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 705 Commonwealth Avenue
GSU George Sherman Union 775 Commonwealth Avenue
HIS History and American Studies Departments 226 Bay State Road
IEC International Education Center 888 Commonwealth Avenue
IRB International Relations Building 154 Bay State Road
IRC International Relations Center 152 Bay State Road
JSC CAS Judaic Studies Center 147 Bay State Road
KCB Kenmore Classroom Building 565 Commonweatlh Avenue
LAW Law School 765 Commonwealth Avenue
LNG Modern Foreign Languages 718 Commonwealth Avenue
LSE Life Science and Engineering Building 24 Cummington Street
MAR Marsh Chapel 735 Commonwealth Avenue
MCS Math & Computer Science 111 Cummington Street
MED School of Medicine 715 Albany Street
MET Metropolitan College 755 Commonwealth Avenue
MOR Morse Auditorium 602 Commonwealth Avenue
MUG Mugar Memorial Library 771 Commonwealth Avenue
PDP Physical Development Program 915 Commonwealth Avenue
PHO Photonics Building 6-8 St. Mary's Street
PLS Anthropology, Philosophy, Political Science 232 Bay State Road
PRB Physics Research Building 3 Cummington Street
PSY Psychology 64-72-86 Cummington Street
PTH Playwrights' Theatre 949 Commonwealth Avenue
REL CAS Religion 145 Bay State Road
SAC Sargent Activities Center 1 University Road
SAL Sailing Docks Charles River Behind BU Bridge
SAR Sargent College 635 Commonwealth Avenue
SCI Science Center 590-596 Commonwealth Avenue
SDM Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine 100 East Newton Street
SEA School of Education Annex 621 Commonwealth Avenue
SED School of Education 2 Sherborn Street
SHA School of Hospitality Administration 928 Commonwealth Avenue
SLB Science Library Building 30-38 Cummington Street
SMG Questrom School of Business Undergraduate Program 595 Commonwealth Avenue
SOC Sociology 96-100 Cummington Street
SPH School of Public Health 715 Albany Street
SSW School of Social Work 264-270 Bay State Road
STH School of Theology 745 Commonwealth Avenue
STO Stone Science Building 675 Commonwealth Avenue
TTC Track and Tennis Center 100 Ashford Street
UHC University Honors College 147 Bay State Road