Academic Immersion: Introduction to Experimental Psychology

Thank you to our students for making Summer 2018 a great success. Check back on December 15 for more details about our Summer 2019 program.

Academic Immersion: Introduction to Experimental Psychology is an innovative, three-week residential program that not only provides students with a broad introduction to the field of psychology, but also gives you the opportunity to learn how to design and execute research projects.

In the mornings, participants in AIM's psychology track attend seminars on Boston University’s Charles River Campus, engaging in psychology coursework and developing important research skills. You also gain exposure to the career paths available to those majoring in psychology. In the afternoons, you work in teams to design and carry out your own experiments under the supervision of Boston University instructors. You and your team members collect and analyze data in the field as research psychologists typically do. At the end of the three weeks, you present the findings of your experiments to your peers and other members of the BU community.

This summer, you can expect to:

  • Conduct observational and experimental research
  • Learn research design and data collection
  • Perform data analysis and gain experience with statistical software
  • Attend presentations of on-going, cutting-edge research by BU faculty and professionals
  • Meet with undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdocs who are working in the psychological sciences
  • Build your communication skills

We also arrange a variety of social activities to foster a strong student community and to ensure that you become familiar with the BU campus and Boston. While you can plan your own free time, you also have the chance to participate in weekend group activities—and join students in our other programs for a variety of scheduled activities.