Urban Affairs

Metropolitan College

Boston Experience

MET UA 580

Topic for Summer 2014: The Role of Architecture in Creating a Sense of Place. An introduction to the formal study of architecture. Introduces the concept that the role of architecture is to develop and maintain a sense of place. Establishes why and how a 'sense of place' is important to humans for social and psychological reasons and is also important to societies for economic, political, and health and recreational reasons. The city of Boston serves as a living laboratory for this introductory study of architecture. Using this laboratory, students work on issues of historic preservation, upkeep, repair, restoration, improvement, modification, removal, adaptive renewal, and new construction as these processes relate to the importance of a sense of place. 4 cr. Tuition: $2400

Summer 1 (May 21-June 25)


Designing Urban Space

MET UA 613

The role of urban design in the community development process. Examines human behavior, aesthetic foundations of design methods, citizen/client participation, and public policy issues. Analysis of actual community spaces. Student design exercises. 4 cr. Tuition: $3120

Summer 2 (June 30-August 6)


Urbanization and the Environment

MET UA 629

Interrelationships between physical environment and processes of urbanization. Case studies develop historical perspective on social, economic, and physical aspects of the quality of urban life. Special attention to the preparation of environmental impact statements and assessment of urban environmental quality. 4 cr. Tuition: $3120

Summer 1 (May 20-June 26)


Urban Problems and Policy Responses

MET UA 701

Major problems confronting urban areas and the process of policy formulation and implementation. Emphasis on problem interdependence and systems characteristics. Analysis of problem definitions (housing, crime, poverty), goals, public/private responsibilities, existing programs, and policy options. Analysis of selected comparative international experiences. 4 cr. Tuition: $3120

Summer 2 (July 1-August 7)


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