School of Theology

Immigration and Religion in the Trump Era

STH TC 530

This course examines the intersection of religion and immigration, in light of current political developments. With the rise of Trump's presidency, the response of religious communities has affected immigrants' lives in numerous ways. From a social scientific perspective, students will be expected to critically analyze the role of religion in both fueling movements of immigrant advocacy, as well as bolstering movements of immigrant exclusion. Students will be encouraged to prioritize marginalized perspectives, particularly those of immigrants, in order to better understand how the excluded themselves deploy elements of faith as acts of resistance and adaptation. Current issues to be addressed include refugee crises, the new sanctuary movement, migration in response to ecological change, and race and immigration. 3 cr. Tuition: $2514

Summer 1 (May 23-June 28)

Immigration and Religion in the Trump Era is also offered as STH TC 830.


Leading Spiritual Formation Ministries

STH TC 809

Provides a context to explore preparing and leading spiritual formation ministries in diverse settings. The course is grounded in the assumptions that (1) all aspects of life provide opportunities for strengthening our spiritual journey, and (2) a key task of the spiritual leader is to facilitate experiences that can help people make those connections. The course offers guidance and practice in designing and leading such experiences, including retreats, small groups, and spiritual guidance. Foundations for spiritual formation ministries for children, youth, and families are also considered. Participants explore and reflect upon a variety of disciplines that ground and inform such leadership. A key task of the course is to provide an opportunity for participants to identify and critically reflect upon their own theological and pedagogical perspectives and how these influence their practice of spiritual leadership. 3 cr. Tuition: $2514

Summer 1 (June 5-June 28)


Biblical Interpretation from Hispanic and Latin American Perspectives

STH TO 838

Provides an introduction to the contexts, assumptions, and methods of Hispanic and Latin American Biblical exegeses and their contributions to Biblical and Religious Studies. Course objectives are: 1) to develop an awareness of the Hispanic and Latin American approaches to the Bible, their differences, and points of contact; 2) to understand the different assumptions of the Hispanic and Latin American interpretations of the Bible; 3) to develop intercultural exegetical skills and cross-cultural sensitivity; and 4) to experience and develop an understanding of the reality of U.S. Hispanics and Latin Americans through learning about their history, economy, and political, social, and religious experiences. Selected passages from the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament are analyzed in terms of the cultural and historical situations of Latin Americans and Hispanic peoples in the United States. Open to undergraduates. No pre-requisites. 3 cr. Tuition: $2514

Summer 2 (July 9-August 9)


Middle Egyptian I (Egyptian Hieroglyphs)

STH TO 846

An introduction to the culture of ancient Egypt and to the classical stage of the Egyptian script and language spoken in Ancient Egypt during the Middle Kingdom which became the standard hieroglyphic language until the Graeco-Roman period. The course also requires approximately four additional hours of class at the Museum of Fine Arts where students study pieces of the MFA Egyptian Collection. No prerequisites. Undergraduate students are welcome to register. 3 cr. Tuition: $2514

Summer 2 (July 9-August 9)

Read a BU Today article about this course: One Class, One Day: Reading the Language of the Pharaohs.


Spiritual Care

STH TY 704

This course introduces a method of spiritual care as practical theology. Students are asked to engage the experiences of loss, violence, doubt, and despair reflected in spiritual care conversations. They will be invited to use theological, philosophical, psychological, and cultural studies to reflect upon these issues, and develop theologically and/or spiritually based strategies of care and justice. 3 cr. Tuition: $2514

Summer 1 (May 23-June 20)


Peace and Violence

STH TY 808

This course critically examines issues of peace and violence as concrete, lived realities. Students are asked to engage these realities through use of philosophical, psychological, social, cultural, political, and personal studies and resources. They will be invited to dialogue and think creatively about these issues, and develop theologically and/or spiritually based understandings, as well as practical approaches, to cultivate ethics of peace and justice. 3 cr. Tuition: $2514

Summer 1 (May 22-June 19)