Staff Picks

Here are some of our favorite summer courses, as picked by Summer Term staff:

Acting and Performance

Acting lets you tap into your creative side and balance your academic course load
(CFA TH 120)

Animal Behavior

Study the biology of animals with one of our favorite Metcalf award-winning professors, Dr. Fred Wasserman
(CAS BI 407)

Discrete Mathematics

Taught by one of the most popular professors in MET, Dr. Anatoly Temkin
(MET CS 248)

Life's a Beach

The Beach Boys, Surfing, and the Influential 1960's Southern California Subculture—the perfect subject to study during the warm days of summer!
(CAS AM 200)

Organic Chemistry

If you need to take Orgo, the summer course with Professor Bruno is a great choice
(CAS CH 203)

Professional Presentation

Develops oral and presentation skills that are critical to future success, with a great COM professor, Justin Joseph
(COM CM 311)

Super Heroes in Film

An online course in one of our favorite movie genres, focused on the blockbusters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
(COM FT 554)