Boston Studies

As an urban university in one of the nation's most historic and diverse cities, Boston University offers an exciting opportunity to engage in the stories of the city, as told by Boston's neighborhoods and people, culture, architecture, and archaeology.

Boston Studies is a series of courses that make use of Boston as a living classroom. Students explore the city's rich resources in art, history, sociology, and ecology in courses that combine classroom lectures with dynamic field experiences throughout the city.

Courses are drawn from the College of Arts & Sciences, Metropolitan College, and the College of General Studies.

Boston Studies courses from Summer 2015 included:

  • Boston Museums CAS AH 211
  • The Irish in Boston CGS HU 303
  • History of Boston MET HI 373
  • Special Topics in Sociology: A Social History of Boston's North End MET SO 501
  • Boston Experience: The Role of Architecture in Creating a Sense of Place MET UA 580

Summer 2016 courses will be available on December 15.

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