Note: Course details for Summer 2019 will be available on December 15. The courses below were offered in Summer 2018 and can serve as a guide to what is typically offered.

College of Arts & Sciences

General Psychology

CAS PS 101

Basic introduction to the field of psychology. Topics include theories and findings governing learning, memory, perception, development, personality, and social and abnormal psychology. Students must register for two sections: a lecture section and a discussion section. Carries social science divisional credit in CAS. 4 cr.


Introduction to Experimental Design

CAS PS 211

Prereq: (CAS PS 101). Introduction to the logic and processes involved in descriptive and inferential statistics for psychology. Topics include statistical inference, significance, t-tests, ANOVAs, correlation, and statistical software analysis. This is a hybrid class: class time is reserved for hands on activities. 4 cr.


Psychology of Learning

CAS PS 234

Prereq: (CAS PS 101). Survey of theory and techniques in learning and their applications in different settings. Topics include problem solving, memory, reward and punishment, and reinforcement schedules as studied in animals, normal classrooms, and remedial settings. Carries social science divisional credit in CAS. 4 cr.


Developmental Psychology

CAS PS 241

Prereq: (CAS PS 101). Students may elect either CAS PS 241 or PS 243, but not both. Critical review of research and theories pertaining to intellectual and social development of infants and children. Role of early experiences and biological factors in later formation of personality, and intellectual and motivational behaviors; includes theories of Erikson, Piaget, and Freud. Term paper may be required. Carries social science divisional credit in CAS. 4 cr.


Psychology of Personality: Theories and Application

CAS PS 251

Prereq: (CAS PS 101). Emphasizes the historical development of personality theories and their application to social and clinical concerns. Classic theories of personality (e.g., psychoanalytical, behavioral, trait, humanistic, cognitive, and social roles) are explored and evaluated through lectures, readings, case materials, and films. Carries social science divisional credit in CAS. 4 cr.


Social Psychology

CAS PS 261

Prereq: (CAS PS 101). Provides an understanding of how behavior, feelings, and thoughts of individuals are influenced and determined by characteristics of a situation. Topics include attraction, attitudes, prejudice, social rules, aggression, person perception, and groups. Readings cover theories, experimental research, and application. Carries social science divisional credit in CAS. 4 cr.


Experimental Psychology: Personality

CAS PS 325

Prereq: ((CAS PS 211 or (CAS MA 115 & CAS MA 116)) and (CAS PS 251 or CAS PS 252)). Systematic approaches to the study of personality. Experimental and observational investigations of selected aspects of personality. Demonstration of experimental procedures and student participation in laboratory and field studies. 4 cr.


Drugs and Behavior

CAS PS 333

Prereq: CAS PS 101, and CAS PS 231 or CAS NE 101, and PS junior or senior standing; or consent of instructor. Comprehensive survey of drug influences on behavior; introduces a neuroscience approach to behavior. Several classes of drugs are discussed, including abused and addictive substances and psychoactive and therapeutic agents. 4 cr.



CAS PS 338

Prereq: (CAS PS 231 or CAS BI 325). Survey of theoretical aspects and major empirical findings in human neuropsychology, including memory, language, spatial function, attention, emotion, and abstract thought. Emphasis is on the relation between brain disorders (resulting from head injury, stroke, degenerative disease, etc.) and abnormal behavior. 4 cr.


Abnormal Psychology

CAS PS 371

Prereq: (CAS PS 101). Attention to the wide range of ways in which personality may become disordered, and emphasis on normal behavior development as highlighted by psychopathology. Evidence and theories concerning problems of treatment are also considered. 4 cr.


Introduction to Clinical Psychology

CAS PS 473

Prereq: (CAS PS 371) and PS junior or senior standing. Introduction to current diagnostic and treatment techniques in clinical psychology from empirical, applied, and theoretical perspectives. Topics covered include clinical interviewing, psychological testing, and a comparison of humanistic, analytic, and systems approaches to therapy. 4 cr.


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