Course details for summer 2015 will be available on December 15. The courses below were offered in summer 2014 and can serve as a guide to what is typically offered.

Colleges: Metropolitan College | School of Management | Graduate School of Management

Metropolitan College

International Marketing

MET MG 431

Organization of the marketing function in international business. How government policies and practices affect marketing. Comparative marketing strategies for doing business abroad. Examination of case studies. 4 cr.



MET MG 435

The structure and operating procedures of advertising agencies and corporate advertising departments in relation to marketing. Active student participation in learning how advertising strategies and concepts are developed and executed. Includes readings, development of advertising strategies, screenings, and analysis of contemporary advertising. 4 cr.


Electronic Commerce, Systems, and Web Design

MET MG 448

First course in a two course sequence. Combines (1) the practical aspect of web design through the use of application software such as Dreamweaver to construct a commercial website with (2) a general overview of the marketing, supporting services, systems, security, and business strategy issues facing commercial enterprises. 4 cr.


Introduction to Electronic Commerce, Systems, and Web Design

MET AD 648

A detailed examination of how businesses can successfully use Internet and web technology. Students are introduced to the concepts and issues of electronic commerce. Topics include comparison of e-commerce procedures, payment mechanisms, applications in different industry sectors, security, the challenges of starting and maintaining an electronic business site, as well as a comparison with traditional business practices. 4 cr.


Marketing Strategies

MET AD 857

eLive offering. Strategic and operational marketing issues arising in the firm's operations. Topics include market screening, decisions, entry strategies, product/service development, as well as designing the marketing plan and its implementation. 4 cr.


School of Management

Introduction to Marketing

SMG SM 105

How is it that some products succeed and some fail? In many instances, the difference is in their marketing strategy. This class examines key areas of marketing including product development, advertising, promotions, pricing, and retailer decisions. Uses a combination of in-class exercises, real world examples, cases, lecture, and discussion. This course is intended for non-business majors. It may not be taken by SMG students for credit, nor can it be used by Boston University students toward the Business Administration minor. Non-SMG students may register for this course directly via the Student Link. 4 cr.


Advanced Marketing Strategy

SMG MK 468

Prereq: (SMG MK 323). Provides the insight and skills necessary to formulate and implement sound marketing strategies and marketing plans. The course includes case analysis, guest speakers and a marketing management simulation where students take the role of brand manager. The simulation allows students to make decisions and see results on key topics such as segmentation, positioning, managing a brand portfolio, integrated marketing communications, and marketing channels. Other key topics explored in the course include strategic planning, customer decision making, life cycle, market response, competitive behavior, new product development, and product line management. 4 cr.


Communication and Digital Media Strategy

SMG MK 469

Prereq: (SMG MK 323). Marketing communication strategy has moved beyond advertising to include interactive marketing, sales promotions, direct marketing, public relations, and more. This course focuses on developing marketing communication strategy that integrates these tools for more efficient and effective communication. Topics include the establishment of objectives based on a situation analysis, developing subsequent messages, creative and media strategies, effectiveness testing, and client/agency relationships. 4 cr.


Graduate School of Management

Marketing Management

GSM MK 724

Grad Prereq: AC710/711 taken before or concurrently. This course builds an in-depth understanding of basic marketing concepts and applies those concepts to a variety of management situations, including non-profit and public sector settings. The course provides working knowledge of the tools of marketing (product policy, pricing, distribution, promotion, consumer behavior), and the ways in which these tools can be usefully employed. The course builds practical skills in analyzing marketing problems and opportunities, and in developing marketing programs. 4 cr.


Integrated Marketing Communication

GSM MK 860

Grad Prereq: MK723/724. The purpose of Marketing 860, Integrated Marketing Communication, is to help students understand the evolution in marketing and communication that is being created by the shift of technology in new and traditional media. By becoming less functionally-driven and more consumer-focused, marketing leaders will begin to see that 'integration' is more than having a consistent 'look' across all media platforms and better understand how to develop opportunities via targeted strategies that align with both customer expectations and business objectives. This course will focus on IMC - where it's been, where it's going and current challenges to IMC, including internal functional silos, and traditional marketing and advertising strategies. In addition, the class will review the various new mediums that continue to push marketing communications past traditional thinking and structures putting it all in perspective through a course project that will challenge students to put all of these learnings into perspective. 3 cr.