Note: Course details for Summer 2019 will be available on December 15. The courses below were offered in Summer 2018 and can serve as a guide to what is typically offered.

College of Arts & Sciences

First-Semester Spanish

CAS LS 111

For students who have never studied Spanish, or by placement test results. Introduction to grammatical structures. Emphasis on aural comprehension, speaking, and pronunciation. Introduction to Hispanic culture. 4 cr.


Second-Semester Spanish

CAS LS 112

Prereq: (CAS LS 111) or placement test results. Completes study of basic grammatical structures. Emphasis on speaking and aural comprehension. Readings on contemporary Hispanic culture. Writing assignments. 4 cr.


Third-Semester Spanish

CAS LS 211

Prereq: (CAS LS 112) or placement test results. Completes study of grammatical structures of Spanish. Use of spoken language in conversation. Reading in Hispanic civilization and of contemporary short stories. Writing exercises involving more complex grammatical and syntactical patterns. 4 cr.


Fourth-Semester Spanish

CAS LS 212

Prereq: (CAS LS 211) or placement test results. Review of the structures of Spanish. Intensive practice of spoken language. More advanced readings from Hispanic culture. Frequent compositions. Satisfactory completion of CAS LS 212 fulfills the CAS language requirement. 4 cr.