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CFA MH 563

Topic for Summer 2019: World Music and Culture: Performing Music of Bali. This hands-on course explores the magical shadow play music of Bali, Indonesia, through in-depth reading, discussion, and performance. In addition to learning about the close connection between music and culture in Bali, each class provides musical instruction on Balinese instruments. Students learn both parts to a complex, intricate musical composition and learn to perform compositions together. We are fortunate to have two quartets of gender wayang (xylophone-style) instruments purchased by Boston University, as well as the antique set of Professor Heimarck, providing a total of twelve Balinese instruments. The class is open to all students and does not require previous musical training. Students should register for 4 credits. Variable cr. Tuition: $700 per credit

Summer 2 (July 1-August 7)



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